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Coast Guard confirms identities of missing F/V Emmy Rose Captain and Crew

The Coast Guard has confirmed the identities of the four missing fishermen from Maine whose vessel sank off the coast of Massachusetts early Monday. The four men aboard the Portland-based Emmy Rose were first identified by WCSH/WLBZ on Tuesday evening as Jeff Matthews, Ethan Ward, Michael Porper and Robert Blethen. Petty Officer Amanda Myrick confirmed their identities late Tuesday and said that Blethen was the captain of the vessel owned by Rink Varian. The 82-foot Emmy Rose and its crew were on a multiday trip to catch groundfish such as haddock, pollock and flounder. They left Portland late last week and were believed to be heading to Gloucester, Massachusetts, to unload their catch when they ran into trouble early Monday.  >click to read< 07:15

F/V Emmy Rose: U.S. Coast Guard suspends search for four missing fishermen off the coast of Massachusetts

BOSTON — The Coast Guard suspended the active search for four missing fishermen off the coast of Massachusetts, 5:22 p.m., Tuesday. “The decision to suspend a search is never an easy one. Our crews conducted searches continuously for over 38 hours covering an area of approximately 2066 square miles,” said Capt. Wesley Hester, Search and Rescue mission coordination, Coast Guard’s First District.  “We extend our condolences to the friends and loved ones of these fishermen during this trying time.” >click to read the press release< 19:04

Coast Guard continues search for crew of Maine based fishing boat that sank off Massachusetts

The Coast Guard said it is looking for four people in the water after the 82-foot vessel sank at about 1 a.m. Officials said a helicopter crew and Coast Guard cutter were sent to the vessel’s last known location and found debris and an empty life raft. “They found the debris field and an empty life raft. As of now, there’s no signs of the vessel or the people who were on board,” The Coast Guard said at least one of its ships will remain in the area through the night to continue searching. >click to read<

Video, Search for 4 Maine Fishermen Off Mass. Coast Continues – The United States Coast Guard spent Monday searching for four Maine fishermen off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts. “He’s the best fisherman that’s out there”, “a very determined man, he’s been lost in the water before”,,, >click to watch<19:23

UPDATED: EPIRB Alert begins Coast Guard search for 4 fishermen northeast of Provincetown

The Coast Guard is searching for four fishermen approximately 20 miles northeast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, Monday. Watchstanders at First District Coast Guard Command Center, in Boston, received notification at 1 a.m., Monday, from the 82-foot fishing vessel F/V Emmy Rose’s emergency position indicating radio beacon. The vessel owner reported there were four people aboard, and there were no answers on the vessel’s satellite phone. >click to read< 09:11, Coast Guard searching for 4 people after commercial fishing boat, the ‘Emmy Rose,’ sank>click to read<10:26  Maine fishermen missing off Mass. coast are ‘very experienced,’ – “I hope to God they find them,” said Rink Varian, the boat’s owner. Varian of Westbrook said Monday morning that the Coast Guard had located an empty life raft, an oil slick and debris field, but no sign of the crew. “This is a horrific accident,” he said. >click to read< 14:19

Evermore competition

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Salmon farming is now well into that next 10, and if you’re an Alaska commercial fishermen or resident of an Alaska community still dependent on commercial fishing, you ought to be worried. Why? Because stories like this have become an almost weekly occurrence: “Norwegian company secures financing for industrial-scale salmon farm in rural Nevada.”, or in  (Belfast, Me, Humboldt County, Ca., Maryland’s Eastern Shore,,, >click to read< 14:25

Catching and selling conchs a way of life for Shawn Moore

Channel whelks are the smooth and more valuable variety. A Chinese buyer in New York City pays $5 a pound for the smooths. The weight includes the shell. The buyer travels to Moore’s Gravel Hill home to buy that day’s conchs and then returns to the city to sell them live the next day to Asian markets in Chinatown where they fetch $10 a pound. The knobbed whelks bring $1 a pound. The harvesting process is nothing short of slick: a well-oiled and productive system that requires a shipshape deck, steady focus by captain and crew, quick but without hurry. Once the fishing begins, there’s little break in the action.,, His crew on this day is 24-year-old Zandar Planches, who picked up the system quickly, knows what has to be done, and does it. Video, >photos, click to read<  08:32

Maine Governor Janet Mills plans to create 1st floating offshore wind research farm in US

Gov. Janet Mills said Friday that she plans to create the nation’s first floating offshore wind research farm in the Gulf of Maine,,, The site of the array, which is expected to contain up to a dozen floating wind turbines, is undetermined but will be 20 to 40 miles offshore in an area that would allow a connection to the mainland electric grid for the southern half of the state.,, Mills has directed the Governor’s Energy Office to collaborate with the commercial fishing industry and other state agencies,,, >click to read< 18:10

Coast Guard medevacs fisherman gone overboard/recovered 160 miles east of Boston – Video

The Coast Guard medevaced an injured fisherman 160 miles east of Boston, Thursday. At approximately 3:30 a.m., Coast Guard District One watchstanders received a notification from the crew of the 72-foot commercial fishing vessel Jennifer Anne, reporting a 35-year-old crewmember had fallen overboard and was recovered by the other crew members. The fisherman was experiencing hypothermia-like conditions and had minor lacerations. >video, click to read<17:23

Progress expected for Rhode Island’s offshore wind farm plan

Much was made of the Raimondo administration’s selection in 2018 of a proposal for a massive offshore wind farm off the Rhode Island coast that would power as much as a quarter of the state’s electric load. But a Biden presidency is expected to boost renewables overall, and a decision could come in a matter of weeks for the benchmark Vineyard Wind project,,, A favorable ruling on the proposal could break the logjam for Revolution Wind. Orsted and Eversource are gearing up,,, >click to read< 09:21

Maine’s booming seal population concerns local fishermen, biologists. Cod predation isn’t mentioned

Biologists say there are three points to consider: While the increase in harbor seals is creating a healthier ecosystem for the Gulf of Maine, it’s also creating problems for local lobstermen who say they’re a threat to their livelihoods, and it’s drawing new and potentially dangerous fish into our waters at a rate the state has never seen before. “I’ve had guys call me and say, ‘Are you having a problem with bait bags being ripped out because of the seals?’ and I say, ‘Yeah. I’ve had five or six.’ he says, ‘Rusty, I just had twenty traps in a row right, in a row. The seals went bang bang, bang, bang, bang right down through and ripped all the bags out,'” Court said. >click to read< Bait bags? What about cod fish bellies?!!

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 57′ Fiberglass Scalloper, Cummins 855, Northern Lights 12 KW Genset

To review specifications, and information, and 26 photos >click here<, Vessel is in good condition. Vessel has had extensive work done in past 2 years. There is a Federal LAGC Scallop Permit available for an additional $80,000. To see all the boats in this series, >click here< 13:26

Spiny dogfish eat small Atlantic codfish! DNA may provide some answers

Conventional observations show that spiny dogfish in the western North Atlantic rarely eat Atlantic cod. However, some believe the rebuilding dogfish populations are limiting depleted cod numbers by competition or predation. To find out what is going on, NOAA Fisheries scientists looked to genetic testing to confirm cod presence in dogfish stomachs. >click to read< 13:10

From the sea floor to the courtroom, the fight to save right whales

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered species on the planet. Scientists announced last month that there are only about 360 of the animals left, down roughly 50 from the previous year’s survey. They live along the East Coast, from northern Florida to Canada, where the 50-foot-long, 140,000-pound leviathans must navigate through millions of commercial fishing lines primarily, lobster traps, and one of the world’s most crowded shipping channels. Too often they become tangled in those lines, or are struck by a ship, (Ships, A LOT of ships). The fight to save them, led by biologists and conservation groups, has grown urgent — in the water and in the courts. >click to read< 11:28

Biden Signals Trouble for New Bedford Fishing Families, and Beyond!

Back in 2013, the New Bedford-based Standard-Times wrote about the problems for local fishermen based on a potential presidential appointment Steve Urbon spent his career as a reporter, editor, and columnist covering the city of New Bedford and its fishing-based economy for the local newspaper. When President Barack Obama was considering appointing Ron Klain as his Chief of Staff, the liberal journalist sounded the alarms. He explained to the local audience that Ron Klain’s wife, Monica Medina, was hostile to the local families and small businesses that earn a living from fishing the Atlantic. >click to read< 10:00

Three New Calves! North Atlantic Right Whale calving season is now underway

Right whales are an endangered species that usually migrate south along the Georgia and Florida coastline to give birth to their calves. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced over the weekend that calving season is now underway and lasts through March. In the 2020 calving season, there were 10 calves born, which was up from seven in the 2019 season. Despite the increase in calves, the species is still endangered. In the 2020 calving season, there were 10 calves born, which was up from seven in the 2019 season.>click to read< 15:27

Obituary: Rocky Winston Ross

Richmond – Rocky Winston Ross, 31, of 291 Front St., Richmond, Formerly Bath, passed away suddenly on October 31, 2020.  He was born in Bath on March 2, 1989, son of Margaret Keenum and Gary Ross.  He attended Bath schools and graduated from Morse High School. He spent many years as a lobsterman on Mattinicus Island and later off-shore with Shaft Master Lobster Co. He recently started his painting business, Perceptive Painting, as well as house flipping investments. He had an exceptional mind especially for business. He loved the art and details of making the next deal and his natural talent for this was remarkable. >click to read< 08:42

Parents of missing West Kingston fisherman sue owner of sunken trawler for negligence

New Year’s Day 2019 was cruel for the family of John Ansay Jr. They learned early that morning that a sudden gale and turbulent seas had overtaken the fishing trawler Ansay worked on. Thirty-one-year-old Ansay and the boat’s captain, Oscar Diaz, Ansay’s uncle, were missing. Diaz had put out a mayday call at 1:30 a.m. as the F/V Mistress began taking on water 2½ miles southeast of Block Island. Rescue crews from the U.S. Coast Guard had fanned out over the area in search of the missing fishermen and the remnants of the 52-foot wooden boat. >click to read< 20:38

Coast Guard medevacs commercial fisherman 60 miles southeast of Martha’s Vineyard with stroke like symptoms

The Coast Guard medevaced an injured fisherman 60 miles southeast of Martha’s Vineyard, Friday. At approximately 6 p.m., Coast Guard District One watchstanders received a notification from the crew of the commercial fishing vessel, F/V Persistence, reporting a 50-year-old crewmember displaying stroke-like symptoms and requested assistance. >Video, click to read< 12:16

A Fundraiser for New Hampshire Lobsterman Juan Peralta-Martinez

Juan suddenly passed away on 11/09/20. He is survived by his wife Katerina and his two young boys. Juan was a lobsterman and was new to the industry, but that didn’t stop him. He lobstered as much as he could when he wasn’t being a role model for his two sons. We are raising this money for Juan’s family to help support them in this time as well as cover funeral costs We appreciate any donation and would like to thank you in advance! Anything over our goal will go to Juan’s two boys for there college fund! >click to read, and please donate if you can<08:26

Fishing community grieves the loss of a Hampton lobsterman

Juan Peralta-Martinez became a lobsterman at a time when many say the industry was struggling to stay afloat, but those who worked alongside him said he was born for a life at sea. “He was meant to be one of the lobstermen,” said Linda Hunt, manager of Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative,,, A husband and father of two from Hampton, Juan died at age 36 years Monday from what authorities believe was a drowning while working on his boat in the harbor. He left behind a wife and two sons, 9-year-old Juan Gabriel and 8-year-old Alejandro. >click to read< 07:48

$36 million in trade relief awarded to Maine lobstermen

Maine lobstermen have been awarded a total of $36,284,110.12 to date to help offset the financial harm they have experienced due to China’s retaliatory tariffs, according to a news release.  The funding has been provided through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Seafood Trade Relief Program. Following a letter the Maine Delegation sent to President Trump in June 2019, the Administration issued a Presidential Memorandum that called on USTR and USDA to provide the lobster industry with the same form of financial assistance,,,   >click to read< 08:50

Indictment: Fisherman stabbed crewmate in neck, wound patched with Krazy Glue

While on a commercial fishing boat 200 miles offshore, crew member Justin Warren stabbed another fisherman in the neck, causing a wound initially treated onboard with Krazy Glue, according to federal court records.  Warren, 43, of Rockland, Maine, was a crew mate on the Portsmouth-based F/V Angela Michelle when the stabbing is alleged to have occurred and is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon “within the special maritime jurisdiction.” >click to read< 16:08

Offshore Wind Industry Cheers Biden Win

Trade groups representing the United States’ offshore wind sector are hailing the election of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States as significant to further growing the nation’s offshore wind capacity. Biden’s climate action plan calls for a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions by 2050. This would means a renewed focus on renewable energy, including offshore wind, as the United States is likely to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change. Under the Biden Administration, it is expected that offshore wind will experience substantial growth from projects, supply chain development, and job creation, according to The Business Network for Offshore Wind, a non-profit that works to promote the offshore wind supply chain in the U.S. >click to read< 07:51

A Q&A With Nantucket Scalloper Carl Sjolund

Carl Sjolund has had his feet on the deck of a boat, fishing island waters for scallops, since he was a little boy. He has seen the shellfish fishery rise and fall.  To say that fishing is in his blood is not to turn a phrase, but to state a simple fact. His father Rolf came to the island as a young man, from Norway, fresh out of the merchant marine, and fished Georges Bank. His son Jim scalloped with his dad since he was a kid, graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and is now captain of the 184-foot Northern Leader, fishing for cod off Alaska. Nantucket is also in his blood. When did you begin scalloping? I got my first scallop license at 12 years old. Charlie Sayle and I had a merger. He had an old boat, and I had an outboard motor, or I forget maybe it was the other way around.,, >click to read< 16:00

Michael G. Dearborn, Navy Veteran, Self-employed commercial lobster fisherman

Michael G. Dearborn, 76, of Gloucester, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, October 9, 2020. He continued to own and operate a lobster fishing business in Massachusetts for over 50 years. At the height of his career during the late 70s and early 80s, Michael was known as an innovator, pioneer, and industry leader. In addition to his experience on the water, Michael was an avid legislator, conservationist, and industry advocate. He served as a member of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, the Atlantic Lobstermen’s Co-Operative, and the MA Lobster Committee Management Team. Above all, Michael’s proudest accomplishment was that of being a father to his three children – Peter, Christopher, and Courtney – whom he loved dearly and spoke of in the highest regard. >click to read< 09:24

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 66’x18′ Wood Dragger with Longfin Squid Tier 1 permit, additional permits

To review specifications, and information, and 3 photos >click here<, To see all the boats in this series, >click here<11:53

Scallops open at $16-$22 a pound

Nantucket’s commercial scalloping season opened Monday morning with a fleet of about 16 fishermen heading into Nantucket and Madaket harbors at low tide with gusty winds of 25-30 mph. The scallopers were bringing their catch to island fish markets by 2 p.m., which were charging customers $16-22 per pound for shucked scallop meat, compared to $25-26 on opening day last year. Ninety-six island fishermen took out commercial scalloping licenses this year, according to town natural resources coordinator Joanne Dodd. There were 108 commercial licenses issued last year, and 79 the year before. >click to read< 11:13

Gloucester: Open Door, fishing vessel win food security grants

The Open Door and a Gloucester fishing company will share in $5.9 million in state grants to help ensure a secure food supply chain for Massachusetts residents,,, The Open Door, which operates food pantries in Gloucester and Ipswich and other food delivery services, received $201,073,,, Also, the Russo Fishing Co., which operates the F/V Miss Trish, received $95,000 to develop an automated fish-gutting and conveyor system on the deck of the vessel to reduce the amount of time its catch remains on deck. The award to the Russo Fishing Co. is one of eight to seafood harvesters, producers and processors, as well as aquaculture operations throughout the state. The inclusion of fishing industry elements among the grant awards was a key point of emphasis, according to state Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester. >click to read< 16:10

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: Turn Key 83′ RSW Offshore Lobster/Jonah Crab Business

To review specifications, and information, and 47 photos >click here<, To see all the boats in this series, >click here< 11:08

More ropeless fishing “experiments” happening on Eastern seaboard as industry leaders meet.

Sean Brillant, who works for the Canadian Wildlife Federation and is chair of the Ropeless Consortium, said they are approaching roughly 1,000 trials across the Eastern Seaboard, the bulk of which has been done in the last 12 months. “Two years ago, we were just getting laughed in our faces at the idea of doing this,” Brillant said. The methods being tested include techniques that allow a line to be stored with a trap at the ocean bottom, and then released to the surface only when a fisherman is ready to haul in their catch. The aim is to cut the risk that whales will be caught in long lengths of rope floating in the water. >click to read< 09:05