Waking up with Wicked Tuna on the Morning Buzz, WHEB the Rock station


By Bore Head

Captain Dave Marciano, and mate, nephew Jay  Muenzner are in the studio of The Rock station WHEB  yucking it up with Greg and the Morning Buzz crew.

I’m sitting here this morning trying not to wicked pissah my pants! These frigging guy’s are off the grid, Man!

“There’s no guarantee’s out they-ah” And so it begins! Click here to listen. (the link is dead)

Greg Kretschmar is a fisherman groupie. He loves them all!

He’s a big Deadliest Catch fan doing shows with them on air, and on the arena circuit.

Kretschmar just played the Barry Manilow  song Copa Cabana with some very creative lyrics about Dave, Jay and Hard Merch. I’m sure when you hear it, life will never be the same! Click here for the song

I’m typing this as I listen, and Paul Hebert just joined them by telephone. These guy’s are hilarious! Click here to listen

They were cutting it up pretty good, but there were also some serious moment’s in the un scripted round table conversation.

One thing is clear. Fame has not changed these guy’s.

When Paul describes the opportunity’s the show has delivered to them, and he highlight’s the charitable event’s, that’s a damned good indicator that they are the real deal.

It has brought opportunity to Jay. A quote from the show, “He’s getting more ass than a toilet seat”.

The chicks are crawling all over the wharf’s of Gloucester looking for him!

This Wicked Tuna crew is by far my favorite but you gotta like Paul and his crew. They were late to the show last filming season, but they are just getting ready to start filming season three, and I’ll bet we’ll see a lot more of them. I can’t wait!

I’ve met Dave in person, and  thing’s looked very bleak for this commercial fisherman, but wow, have thing’s turned around for him, and honestly, it could not have happened to a nicer guy. What you see I what you get.

In another conversation last year, he was telling me a story about a limo driver that cracked me up.

He was going to some promotional event, somewhere, and the limo pulled up to the door. He, of course, gets out like real people would, walks to the back and pulls his bag out of the trunk, prompting the driver to say, “um, you’re making me look bad.”

Dave, “well, wadda ya mean?!!”

The driver say’s looking around at the other limo drivers, and he say’s, “You’re not letting me do my job.”

The story came to mind this morning when they were talking about Dave’s “people”. Agents and planners.

Myself, I see someone who has become an ambassador for the fishermen that they so badly needed, and this too, was not planned. It just happened because of Dave’s personality, and this show, and the fan’s that follow these guy’s.

Public knowledge about US Fishery’s is sadly almost non existent, and the Wicked Tuna fans have increased awareness in discussions with friends and other fan’s.

Prior to season one, we talked on the phone, and he said he would be mentioning the regulatory short falls that affect fishermen, and he has done that. He has also shown that this fishery is a responsible fishery. By law, every US fishery is.

The show was also receiving push back by members of the environmental crowd that see fishing as something that should be eliminated, using dire predictions about the tuna stock’s that was alarmist, and not quite in tune with today’s outlook of the tuna stocks, the star’s on the show.

Back then, no one ever dreamed that this phenomenon of a show would even exist, and there would be no way to believe if it did, the show would be so successful. The reason for success is the people on the show.

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