Join the Webinars: Right Whale Decision Tool Peer Review Sessions

Webinar Update: Peer Review, Right Whale Decision Tool This week, peer reviewers are evaluating a new method — a decision support tool — developed to help understand relative risk of right whale entanglement in fishing gear off the Northeastern U.S., and the relative reduction in risk under different mitigation actions.  To join this meeting remotely today and tomorrow: >click to read< 09:23 (in my [email protected] 8:46 AM) more info, >click to read<

Canada: Government conflict of interest a threat to fish biodiversity: scientists

Canada has made disappointingly little progress in preserving the variety of life in its oceans largely because of a contradiction in the federal department that’s supposed to protect it, says a group of senior scientists. “The (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) is charged with conflicting responsibilities,” said Jeff Hutchings, a marine biologist at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. “On the one hand, they’re there to protect and conserve. On the other hand, they are charged with the responsibility of exploiting fish stocks.” >click to read< 08:40

Bodega Bay crab fleet to sit out Dungeness opener to avoid whales, urging other ports to do same

Bodega Bay’s commercial crabbing fleet has agreed to voluntarily forgo Friday’s scheduled Dungeness crab season opener, an extraordinary step aimed to avoid potentially harmful encounters with endangered humpback whales,,  The Bodega Bay fleet, which was unanimous in its decision Tuesday, is hoping to persuade nearby ports to follow suit, resisting the urge to get out on the water for the time being,,, >click to read< 08:00

Gearing up for the lobster season opening in western Nova Scotia

Another lobster season is set to get underway and along with the lobster traps and gear that fishermen will head out to sea with, they’ll also be bringing along high hopes. High hopes for good catches, and high hopes for good prices. The Lobster Fishing Area (LFA) 34 lobster fishery in southwestern Nova Scotia and LFA 33 along the province’s south shore make up the largest commercial lobster season in the region and the country. >click to read< 07:05

This Blows! Fishing industry raps proposed wind energy grid

“The proposed layout specifies that turbines will be spaced 1 nautical mile (nm) apart, arranged in east-west rows and north-south columns, with the rows and columns continuous across all New England lease areas.” But the claim that the newly proposed layout would satisfy the requests of the fishing industry did not entirely hold up once the developers’ plan was released publicly Tuesday morning. An organization that advocates on behalf of the scallop industry said its members were not consulted,,, >click to read< 19:41