FurCanada open house will kickstart campaigns for a seal, sea lion and sea otter commercial fishery in British Columbia

The fur is set to fly in Nanaimo this weekend, with an open house to kickstart campaigns for a seal, sea lion and sea otter commercial fishery in British Columbia. FurCanada, a Vancouver Island company, hopes the event on Dec. 14, will raise awareness about the overpopulation of seal and sea lions which are decimating B.C.’s endangered and threatened chinook salmon stocks. Thomas Sewid, who is President of Pacific Balance Marine Management, which is the organization leading the development of the seal, sea lion and sea otter industry estimates that of the 27 million chinook smolts produced a year in the Salish Sea (wild and hatchery) the pinnipeds are consuming about 24 million of them. >click to read< 19:53

Scallops: NEFMC Approves Framework 32 for 2020 Fishing Year

On December 5 during its meeting in Newport, RI, the New England Fishery Management Council approved Framework Adjustment 32 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan. The framework includes specifications for the 2020 fishing year, default specifications for 2021, and measures to mitigate impacts on Georges Bank yellowtail flounder and northern windowpane flounder. The new specifications are expected to result in roughly 52 million pounds of projected landings in 2020 with an estimated ex-vessel value of close to $487 million. Landings of this magnitude, while lower than the 2019 projection of roughly 62.5 million pounds, will remain well above the historical average. >click to read< 16:31

Sister recalls Shrimper Mike Pitts, killed in shrimp boat accident, started his career young

For the first time, we’re getting a look into the life of Mike Pitts, one of two shrimpers that died when their boat capsized in the Mobile Bay off of Fort Morgan the day after Thanksgiving. Pitts’ sister, Gail Hester, says his siblings all live in different states, from Georgia to Maine, but that Pitts left Georgia at age 14 to head to the Gulf Coast and pursue a fishing career. Video, >click to read< 14:41

Local skipper speaks at United Nations fisheries conference

At a United Nations sustainable fisheries conference in a posh conference center in Rome three weeks ago, it was “Your Excellency” this and “Minister that” until the master of ceremonies stilled the room to introduce a fishing boat captain. That captain was 34-year-old Rebecca Argo, co-owner of a pair of salmon tenders that operate out of Port Townsend’s Boat Haven, serving southeast Alaska.  >click to read< 12:55