How an old Peterhead trawler was turned into a luxury Airbnb in Inverness

In 1972, when much of Britain’s fishing fleet became locked in “cod wars” with Iceland, a new wooden-hulled trawler was launched in Peterhead. Made in the shipyard of Richard Irvine, the Achieve FR100, under the watchful eye of Andra Buchan, was about to take to the seas. “White fish fishing” was its one purpose. And for 28 years that’s exactly what she was used for. Now, more than half a century since the launch, herring has been exchanged for hospitality, and choppy seas for the Caledonian Canal. We look back at one of the Blue Toon’s most iconic trawlers and its journey to becoming a luxury bed and breakfast today. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 07:21

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