Lifelong Commercial Fisherman Carlton Maxwell Muse, Sr. of Pamlico, North Carolina has passed away

Carlton Maxwell Muse Sr. passed peacefully at 92 years old in his home on Sunday, November 12, 2023, while watching the sunrise over Broad Creek. According to his birth certificate, Carlton was debatably born on July 31, 1931, but his mother told him otherwise. Carlton “Mack,” or “Son” as he was referred to by his parents, was as salty as they come. He was a proud U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, serving in both active duty and USCG reserves. He was also a lifelong commercial fisherman, who was once air lifted off the F/V Miss Pamlico when she hit the bottom in Oregon Inlet. Year after year he would trawl the waters from the Mid- Atlantic all the way to Key West, Fla. He loved fishing so much that he would move his family to the Keys once a year, just for shrimp season. Carlton and his family would always find their way back home, to Little Pamlico. When he finally grew tired of the wind in his face, the salt in his hair, and missing Shirley May way too often, he opened C.M. Muse Seafood.   >>click to read<< 07:40

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