Partnerships for Fisheries Innovation, Growth, and Change: An Update on Travels to New England, Collaboration with the Community Fisheries Network & Other Inspiring Fisheries Organizations

A team from AMCC along with other Alaskan fishing friends embarked on an amazing voyage to Maine and Boston in early March. I accompanied the “Kodiak contingent” which included Dave Kubiak, AMCC’s board chair, Theresa Peterscaled_e1366304480son, AMCC’s Kodiak Outreach Coordinator, and Darius Kasprzak, President of the Alaska Jig Association. All three of the Kodiak group are active fishers, which gave our group lots of “fish cred” to carry with us as we headed east. Linda Behnken, President of the Alaskan Longline Fishermen’s Association and a member of AMCC’s Board of Advisors also went on trip.  continued

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