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Body found as search for missing fisherman in Cork enters its fourth day

A BODY has been recovered in the massive air-sea search operation for a missing Irish fisherman. The body was recovered by divers from an area of Dunmanus Bay in West Cork that was being searched for Kodie Healy (24), who failed to return to port last Wednesday evening.,, The massive search operation for Mr Healy was stood down following the discovery. The tight-knit fishing industry in west Cork was devastated at the disappearance of Mr Healy last Wednesday. >click to read< 16:25

Gardaí issue appeal to ‘well-intentioned’ locals searching for fisherman Kodie Healy

The  gardaí have appealed to the public not to put their own lives at risk in the search for the missing fisherman off Dunmanus Bay.,, He was responding to the huge numbers of local people who have turned out to search for missing fisherman Kodie Healy who failed to return home on Wednesday evening, after a day fishing from his trawler. >click to read< 09:05

U.S., China Reach Substantial ‘Phase One’ Trade Deal

The U.S. and China agreed on the outlines of a partial trade accord Friday that President Donald Trump said he and China’s Xi Jinping could sign as soon as next month. As part of the deal, China would significantly step up purchases of U.S. agricultural commodities, agree to certain intellectual-property measures and concessions related to financial services and currency,  The agreement marks the largest breakthrough in the 18-month trade war that has hurt the economies of both nations. Importantly, Trump said the deal was the first phase of a broader agreement. >click to read< 16:34

Collision Course: Offshore Wind Turbines Destroying Scotland’s Fishing Industry

Britain’s trawlermen are tough, but not invincible. Giant industrial wind turbines and their associated infrastructure have wrecked once productive fishing grounds, including the scallop beds of the Moray Firth. Dodging turbines in rough seas is bad enough: Collision Course: Offshore Wind Turbines Present New (Unnecessary) Mortal Danger for Trawlermen,  But having nets and fishing gear snagged on and destroyed by the turbines’ transmission cables is a bridge too far. >click to read< 11:26

‘It’s a terribly bleak day’: Search continues for missing fisherman in west cork

A low water search is to continue tomorrow for a young fisherman missing off the West Cork coast. The man, named locally as Kodie Healy, who is in his 20s, is now feared drowned. The popular young man played football locally and comes from a well-known and well-liked local fishing family.  Mr Healy left the shore at 7.30am on Wednesday on his 21ft boat to tend lobster pots. There was a 2m swell and force 5-6 winds gusting.Ten fishing trawlers also joined the search, initially focusing on the area near Carbery Island in Dunmanus Bay,,,  >click to read< 14:19

One man’s mission to save a historic ship built a digital community

At the beginning, which might otherwise have been the end, the ship was an empty shell, without mast or motor. Just a bathtub with a deck so rotten you could toe into it like mulch, the wood well on its way to being dirt again. But she had a name: Tally Ho. In May 2017, Leo Goolden climbed into the belly of the boat for the first time and sat with the fragile wooden ribs curled around him, rain dripping onto the plastic sheet stretched overhead. Inside the living wreck of the ship he had come so far to see, he conjured the photograph that drew him in,,, >click to read< 10:19

Zephyr is latest pelagic giant to join Whalsay fleet

Zephyr, Whalsay’s latest pelagic trawler should be heading to the fishing grounds to catch mackerel at the end of next week and has already completed fishing trials. Zephyr (LK 394) arrived back in Shetland on 28 September following fitting out at Norwegian Yard Larsnes AS. Her hull and superstructure were built at Marine Projects in Poland with completion in February. >click to read<  09:24

B.C. is well positioned to become a world leader in land-based salmon farming, By Eric Hobson

I am writing to applaud the Liberal party’s recent commitment to transition the open net-pen salmon farming industry to closed containment by 2025. The Liberal party platform recognizes that, around the world, open net-pen salmon farming is a sunset industry, and the time has come to support movement to closed containment in B.C. to protect our wild Pacific salmon and revitalize our aquaculture industry, ensuring we preserve jobs in both aquaculture and the wild salmon economy. >click to read<  21:35

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P.E.I. lobster season closes Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019

Despite missing about 10 fishing days, including four last week due to foul weather, Miminegash lobster fisherman Thane Deagle said Tuesday he’s quite satisfied with the Lobster Fishing Area 25 fall lobster fishery, which closes Wednesday. Deagle said his catch was up over last year, and he thinks just about every fall lobster fisherman saw an increase this year.,, Catches were not the only improvement P.E.I.’s fall fishermen witnessed this year. >click to read<  12:17

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 65′ Steel Longliner/Lobster Boat, 400HP Iveco, 45 KW Gen Set, Price Reduced!

Specifications, information and 6 photos >click here< To see all the boats in this series, >click here<  11:29

This is why small-scale local fishermen fear being ‘put out of business’

Together, Sean and Bill Hunter have fished Littlehampton’s waters for more than 85 years. But the father and son duo fear the ‘life could be squeezed’ from their livelihood by laws to stop them fishing near the coast.,, The Sussex Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority wants to introduce a byelaw which could mean Bill and Sean would need a permit to fish using nets, and would stop them netting between 0.5 and 1.5km from the coast ‘to protect both migratory and juvenile fish stocks’. >click to read< 10:12

The first woman captain of Argentina fishing vessel drives the fight for equality for women at sea

Nancy Jaramillo became in 2017 the first woman in the country with the title of “Fishing Captain”, and from that place she became one of the most authoritative voices to claim for gender equality at sea.,, Her history as a woman of the sea began in 1994 in Puerto Madryn, due to a mixture of “chance, poverty and need,” as she recalled, from the dining room of Erin Bruce, moored at the North Pier of Mar del Plata. >click to read< 18:46

New study says smaller nearshore wind farms are more cost-effective than a single large offshore facility

Coastal communities will benefit more from near shore wind farms compared with offshore facilities located over 20 km from shore, a new Danish study has found. The study has produced several scenarios based on publicly available data.,,  The study highlights that the shorter distance to the coast and lower water depth make it cheaper to establish nearshore wind farms. Other savings come from reduced cabling and electrical infrastructure costs when locating wind farms close to shore and closer to the onshore power grid. >click to read< 14:10

Cornwall fishermen frustrated by Brexit surveillance changes

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is extending surveillance to “deter and detect illegal fishing by any vessels in English waters”. The extra checks are being done in port and at sea using boats and aircraft.  Fishermen based in Newlyn, Cornwall said “we feel under so much scrutiny that people have given up”. The MMO said the changes would bring vessels under 10m in line with other fishing boats around the coastline. >click to read<  12:15

North Korean fishing boat’s 60 crew members rescued after colliding with Japanese Patrol Boat

Japan rescued about 60 North Korean crew members from a fishing boat that sank after it collided with a Japanese patrol boat that was chasing it out of Japanese waters, the Japan Coast Guard said on Monday. All the crew members that abandoned the fishing boat were rescued and handed over to another North Korean ship, the Coast Guard said. >click to read<  20:13

Conservatives announce fisheries plan, pledges to consult with communities on MPA’s, rebuilding fish stocks

Conservative candidates at four separate events in Atlantic Canada on Sunday unveiled the party’s plans to support the fisheries and to try to build consensus on how to restore fish stocks. In Glace Bay, N.S., Alfie MacLeod and Eddie Orrell announced their party will consult with communities on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), commit an additional $250 million to the Small Craft Harbours program and create a “modern aquaculture act.” “We’ve seen how over the last four years Justin Trudeau has taken this province for granted,,, >click to read< 18:50

Fines to rogue fishermen fall and illegal fishing escapes prosecution, environmentalists claim

Concerns have been raised recently that fishermen are increasingly involved in illegal scallop dredging and prawn trawling to supply a black market in seafood, at the expense of Scotland’s marine environment.,,, Environmentalists claim that the Scottish Government is not treating damage to MPAs by boats as “serious crimes”. They have accused the official body tasked with protecting seas, Marine Scotland, of failing to take tough enforcement action against skippers breaking the law. >click to read< 13:54

New rules in works to lift safety standards in fishing industry

Last year was the deadliest year for the Canadian fishing industry in more than a decade. Seventeen people died aboard fishing vessels in 2018, the most since 2004, prompting the Transportation Safety Board of Canada to sound the alarm about the industry’s safety culture. As it stands, fishing vessels are not considered a workplace, meaning they don’t adhere to any WorkSafeNB compliance requirements. Proposed legislative amendments would give captains binding safety obligations. >click to read<  08:07

Seafood society suspends its own MSC certification over lack of stock assessment

Canadian Pacific Sustainable Seafood Society has announced the “self-suspension” of the MSC certification for B.C. wild salmon, over concerns that the proper stock assessments required to maintain MSC verification are not being done. The society fears it will lose its MSC certification anyway, since it feels DFO is failing to do the science and monitoring required to maintain the certification, so it is voluntarily suspending it for B.C. sockeye, pink and chum salmon. It may be a moot point this year, since there are no wild salmon being caught this year for consumers to buy. >click to read< 20:12

Brixham Trawler race is no more. 2019 Trawler Race was the last.

It’s described by the organisers as the end of an era. The high point of the year for the English port of Brixham – the annual trawler race – will no longer be taking place. The 2019 Trawler Race was the last one in a tradition that goes back more than fifty years and which has proved an enduringly popular event, with visitors coming from all over the South-West of England, as well as a regular number of dedicated visitors to the port over that June weekend coming from many parts of Europe. >click to read< 12:17

Washington tribe partners with Cooke to farm Northwest native species

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe is pleased to announce a joint venture with Cooke Aquaculture Pacific. The joint venture will initially work to rear sablefish (black cod) and sterile triploid, all-female rainbow trout. The venture will require reinstatement of the farm lease at Port Angeles, in exchange for significant investment by the venture in new infrastructure and local jobs in the area. The two partners will work together to rear these Northwest native species in Port Angeles Harbor. >click to read< 13:23

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 1997 42′ Provincial High Sheer Lobster boat, 500HP John Deere

Specifications, information and 12 photos >click here< To see all the boats in this series, >click here< 13:01

Fishing vessel on fire capsized in port docked at Manzanillo, Mexico

Fire erupted on board of purse seiner (tuna fishing) Maria Veronica, docked at Manzanillo, Mexico, readying to depart for fishing, on Oct 1. Fire quickly spread into major, engulfing vessel in flames and billowing heavy smoke with toxic fumes. Some 1200 people, mainly port personnel, were evacuated. Vessel capsized and sank portside along the berth, similar to recent major fire accident in Norway,,, Video, >click to read< 09:55

From grief to gratitude – April McCarthy’s husband was lost at sea

April McCarthy walks down a gravel path in the cemetery in Tors Cove, a small community on Newfoundland’s Southern Shore, towards her husband’s grave. She picks at some of the weeds that have crept into the site, that’s boxed in with a wooden frame, filled with white stones. Flowers and ornaments line the base of Chris McCarthy’s black tombstone. But his body is not buried here.,,, Sept. 12, 2009, It was a Saturday morning, and the Sea Gypsy was heading in with a full load of shrimp. Around 11 a.m., the boat started to slow. It was taking on water. >click to read< 08:19

10 years after lives lost in Sea Gypsy sinking, safety regulation still not enacted>click to read<

Arch bridge collapses in Taiwan, plummeting oil tanker into fishing boats

A towering arch bridge over a bay in eastern Taiwan collapsed Tuesday, sending a burning oil tanker truck falling onto boats in the water below. An air force helicopter, fishing vessels and more than 60 military personnel, including divers, were searching for possible victims. Six people are believed trapped on one of the fishing boats, the National Fire Agency said.  The 460-foot-long bridge collapsed about 9:30 a.m. in Nanfangao, a tiny but often-crowded Pacific coast fishing village. Video, photos, >click to read<  13:24

China tariffs sinking overseas sales, Provincetown lobstermen not feeling the pinch

“It’s killed our price. It’s killed our markets,” said state Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante of Gloucester.,,, Multiple Massachusetts businesses, especially those in Gloucester, have been adversely affected as they cannot compete with Canadian wholesale prices. But the lobstermen themselves are not feeling the pinch, and if anything are seeing their prices rise, Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association Executive Director Beth Casoni said. “The fishermen are happy,” Casoni said. “They’re making money.” >click to read< 09:29

German fishermen’s scepticism towards EU impedes compliance with its regulations

Negative perception of a regulatory authority like the EU diminishes the honesty of those regulated, for example, that of fishermen. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), the Leipzig University, the University of Hamburg, and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy from a game of chance experiment with EU-sceptic commercial fishermen and Brexit voters.,,, The experiment also revealed that the fishermen were more honest than students. >click to read<  13:07

For centuries, the United States and Canada’s only remaining land border dispute has been kept alive by a single family.

This story conflicts with the official stances of two powerful nations. It flies in the face of the Canadian lighthouse that has stood on the island for nearly two centuries. It also complicates the United States’s position, which is to claim the disputed island as American territory without making too much of a fuss. But Norton never gave up on his story. In a time when the last thing most people want is another border controversy, I decided to try to find out why. by Cara Giaimo, >click to read<  11:28

Manx scallop fishermen told to diversify fishing fleet for prawns, squid or white fish

Queen scallop fishermen are being invited to apply for grants to diversify into fishing for prawns, squid or white fish. The move comes as the island’s scallop industry comes under pressure over declining stocks. Major cuts in catch quotas were announced at the beginning of the queenie season in July and then all areas of the fishery except East Douglas were closed to allow stocks to recover. Now island queen scallop fishermen are invited to make grant applications to enable fisheries diversification. >click to read<  11:56