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DFO closes part of Bay Fundy to fishing after right whale sightings

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans closed parts of the Bay of Fundy to fixed-gear fishing Thursday after several North Atlantic right whale sightings east off Grand Manan. The closure will be in effect until further notice, the DFO said in a news release. All fishing gear had to be removed from the area by Aug. 29 at 5 p.m. Closures are in place for at least 15 days after a right whale is spotted in a particular area. >click to read<  18:45

Rescuers hold safety practice at offshore wind farm.

Offshore rescuers are sharpening their skills at and near the Block Island Wind Farm,,, But a Rhode Island commercial fishing group has said practicing on five turbines, all in a row, can’t be considered a real test for what is expected to be hundreds of wind turbines in grid patterns offshore south of Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the coming decade. “It’s not really a farm,” said Richard Fuka of the Rhode Island Fishermens Alliance. The U.S. Coast Guard has completed a case study on the Jan. 1 sinking of the F/V Mistress 3 or 4 miles from the Block Island wind farm to determine if the presence of the five turbines had any impact on the agency’s search and rescue operation. >click to read< 18:09

Mystery: One-time “Shark Capital of the World” Cape Town, South Africa has lost all of its “man-eating” Great Whites!

I’ve been so busy keeping up with the heaps and heaps of Great White sharks turning my once bucolic North County, San Diego paradise into a blood-curdling hell that I’ve not kept up with one-time “Shark Capital of the World” Cape Town, South Africa. The man-eating beasts were a constant threat for Afrikaans-speaking locals. Attacks were not uncommon and neither were deaths. Extremely scary but waters once teeming with ghastly teeth and rolled-back eyes are now peaceful. No Great White has been spotted in over eighteen months. >click to read< 14:57

Proposal would kill more sea lions to protect fish

More than 1,100 sea lions could be killed annually along a stretch of the Columbia River on the Oregon-Washington border to boost faltering populations of salmon and steelhead, federal officials said Friday. The National Marine Fisheries Service said it’s taking public comments through Oct. 29 on the plan requested by Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Native American tribes. The agency says billions of dollars on habitat restoration, fish passage at dams and other efforts have been spent in the three states in the last several decades to save 13 species of Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead protected under the Endangered Species Act. >click to read<  13:43

Hurricane Dorian Update: Hurricane Warning is in effect for Northwestern Bahamas excluding Andros Island

At 1100 AM EDT (1500 UTC), the distinct eye of Hurricane Dorian was located near latitude 26.0 North, longitude 73.4 West. Dorian is moving toward the west near 8 mph (13 km/h) and a slower westward motion should continue into early next week. On this track, the core of Dorian should move over the Atlantic well north of the southeastern and central Bahamas today, be near or over the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, and move near the Florida east coast late Monday through Tuesday. >click to read<  11:11

North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for Aug 30 , 2019

Legislative updates, Bill updates, Calendar, >Click here to read the Weekly Update<, to read all the updates >click here<, for older updates listed as NCFA >click here<  10:10

Despite Strong Harvest To The South, Commercial Salmon Season Slow In Calif. Klamath Management Zone

“Fisheries have been stronger in the Morro Bay, Avila and San Francisco areas, although we don’t know for certain why that is,” said CDFW environmental scientist Kandice Morgenstern. “We can be speculative in that fish will tend to go where ocean conditions and prey abundance is better, so it’s likely that environmental conditions are better on that section of coast.”,,, The rebound comes after three years of low catches that resulted from poor ocean conditions and the state’s five-year drought  >click to read< 09:22

MLA Withdraws from TRT April 2019 Agreement Due to “serious data flaws”

On August 30, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) sent a letter to Chris Oliver, head of NOAA Fisheries, withdrawing support for the April 2019 Take Reduction Team (TRT) agreement due to serious flaws in the data presented to the TRT and in the agreement process. The TRT agreement calls for Maine lobstermen to reduce its risk to right whales by 60%. “Following the TRT meeting, MLA undertook a careful review of data available from NMFS, due to unresolved concerns with the timeliness and accuracy of information provided to TRT members,” said Patrice McCarron, MLA executive director. >click to read< 08:34

Vineyard Wind to conduct (voluntary) radar survey without Coast Guard

“Vineyard Wind is preparing to undertake a survey of [Massachusetts] fishing vessel owners (voluntary) to ascertain differences in radar system use,” Farmelant emailed. “This effort is expected to help inform the project team’s responses to assertions/concerns aired by fishing representatives about wind turbine generators possibly affecting their onboard radar systems.” Asked if the U.S. Coast Guard was associated with the survey, Farmelant said it isn’t at present. >click to read<08:13

Judge tosses NY’s lawsuit over fluke quotas

A federal judge has dismissed New York’s lawsuit seeking to challenge the state’s relatively small portion of the East Coast commercial fluke quota as a congressman called for local fishermen to not comply with the restrictive allotment. With little fanfare, U.S. District Judge Sandra Feuerstein on July 30 issued an order dismissing the case, allowing the state 10 days to file a notice to reargue its claims by next April Court records showed no such filing had been made. New York’s original complaint was filed Jan. 14 Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo first threatened to sue over New York’s low quota at an event in Montauk in 2013. Meanwhile, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) on Friday recommended that New York commercial fishermen go out of compliance with the fluke quota system in what would be a clear signal to Washington of their frustration with the process.  >click to read< 19:37

‘It’s not possible to be independent and arm’s-length when you’re practically married and living under the same roof.’

FISH-NL writes Premier with ‘serious concerns’ over relationship between FFAW and provincial corporation that runs fish harvester registration,,, “The head of the Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board has said the board ‘operates independently and on an arm’s-length basis from the FFAW’ when that is clearly not the case,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. “Not only is the certification board located in the same Richard Cashin Building in St. John’s as the FFAW-Unifor, but the two organizations have owned the property together since 2009,”,,, >click to read< 13:00

Hurricane Dorian Public Advisory, 1100 AM AST Fri Aug 30 2019

At 1100 AM AST (1500 UTC), the eye of Hurricane Dorian was located near latitude 24.5 North, longitude 69.8 West. Dorian is moving toward the northwest near 10 mph (17 km/h). A slower west-northwestward to westward motion should begin tonight and continue into early next week. On this track, the core of Dorian should move over the Atlantic well north of the southeastern and central Bahamas today and tomorrow, be near or over the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, and be near the Florida peninsula late Monday. >click to read< 11:57

Spacing of Deepwater RI Ocean Wind Turbines Ignored After Deaths

Where is the investigation of what effect the spacing of the Block Island Wind Farm had on the death of two fishermen New Years Eve? On January 1, 2019, New Year’s eve while almost everyone was celebrating the new year drinking, watching parades and fireworks the fishing industry boats were hard a work bringing in their catch. The Mistress a 52-foot fishing trawler in the vicinity of the Block Island wind farm at 1:30 AM took on the water which overtook the engine room. >click to read< 11:12 >click to read< our coverage of the F/V Mistress

California Coast Crab Association

Who we are, and what we do! The Dungeness crab industry working together to protect and preserve the California Dungeness Crab fishery for the continued economic survival of the West Coast commercial fishing fleet and our coastal communities.,,, CCCA is the only self-funded CA Dungeness crab organization with no ties to environmental groups or NGO’s. We endeavor to resolve all Dungeness crab issues to the benefit of the CA crab industry at large. >Click to read<10:53

North Carolina halting flounder fishing Sept. 4; denies shrimping petition

The N.C. Fisheries Commission last week voted to deny a petition for rulemaking that, if implemented, would impact the state’s shrimp trawl fishery. As a result, the Marine Fisheries Commission directed the division to consider elements of the petition in an upcoming amendment to the N.C. Shrimp Fishery Management Plan. >click to read< 09:45

A Conversation with Working Watermen Commission Chair Steve House on the Future of Flounder – How does the passage of Amendment 2 affect the Outer Banks, and how soon will potential impacts occur?,,, It will trickle down from the commercial fishermen, to the fish houses, to the servers and restaurants, and even to the consumers. >click to read<

“We need people behind us to fight this thing,” Wellfleet Shellfishermen Organize to Defeat Cutler Bill

Ginny Parker, president of the recently formed Wellfleet Shellfishermen’s Association (WSA), said the bill, H.746, proposed by state Rep. Josh Cutler of the Sixth Plymouth District, would alter the way shellfishing rights change hands, giving an advantage to corporations over individual fishermen.,,, “Once these rights become assignable and transferable, they would become commoditized, and we know the value would escalate,” Parker told the Independent. “It would potentially become farmers selling to the highest bidder, and that would not be good for Wellfleet.” Shellfishermen would no longer be entrepreneurs but hourly workers, she said. >click to read< 08:28

Strong start to fall lobster season in P.E.I.

The vice-president of the Prince County Fishermen’s Association (PCFA) has a simple method to gauge the success of the fall lobster season so far. “There’s nobody growling and my phone’s not ringing, so it must be good. That’s all I can say,” said Shelton Barlow.  “Everybody is quite happy.” Catches in Lobster Fishing Area 25 started out stronger than normal >click to read< 08:06

Longtime lobbyist accused of fishing over the line

A fishing industry lobbyist has had his 41-ton salmon catch confiscated for allegedly fishing in closed waters near Sitka. Bob Thorstenson Jr., a former executive director of Southeast Alaska Seiners Association, was commercial fishing Sunday in Crawfish Inlet when wildlife troopers say he came within 200 yards of a stream. Alaska Department of Fish and Game area biologist Eric Coonradt told CoastAlaska that drought conditions have made the native pink salmon especially vulnerable near freshwater streams. >click to read< 21:41

Coast Guard crews assist in dewatering, towing fishing vessel near Ketchikan

The Coast Guard Cutter Adelie and Station Ketchikan boat crews responded to and assisted in dewatering and towing a fishing vessel that hit a rock near Percy Islands, Wednesday.The Cutter Adelie boat crew arrived on scene at 11:20 a.m., controlled the flooding and assisted in towing the vessel to a nearby boat ramp for repairs. At approximately 8 a.m., Coast Guard Sector Juneau Command Center watchstanders received a call from the Station Ketchikan boat crew,,, >click to read<  20:03

Ocean Choice International will not be prosecuted for illegal fishing charge

In court, OCI’s lawyer argued a technicality and on Thursday, Judge James Walsh dismissed a charge of illegal fishing against the company. The charge arose from an allegation that OCI fished for Greenland halibut in the so-called Northern Newfoundland Slope Conservation area between Feb. 4-10, 2018. In a September 2018 press release, OCI said court documents from both sides — the company and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans — verified the captain wasn’t aware of the newly designated conservation area off the northeast coast of the island. >click to read< 18:47

Cuomo hits hold button on commercial fishing license reform plan

Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said the state would hit the pause button on a planed overhaul of the commercial fishing licensing system, saying regulators need more information, and input to get it right. The state two years ago hired an outside expert  to review the system for issuing commercial fishing permits, and come up with a list of recommendations for fixing a system many fishermen consider broken. Among the recommendations of consultant George LaPointe,,, >click to read<  17:29

Queensland coroner lashes Fisheries over missing alert after eight die, inquest condemn bureaucrats, urges inflatable vests for fishers

A coroner investigating the deaths of eight men after two trawlers capsized off Queensland has criticised authorities for failing to implement a safety feature to alert police when a boat vanishes. Coroner David O’Connell says the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries should immediately implement the vessel-monitoring-system feature designed to send an SMS or email to police if a boat or ship fails to “poll” on the system, which may indicate it has sunk. >click to read<  Findings from trawler Dianne sinking inquest condemn bureaucrats, urges inflatable vests for fishersVideo, >click to read< 15:34

Prince William Sound humpy harvest late, compressed but strong

Commercial harvests of humpies in Prince William Sound rose to over 34 million fish through Tuesday, Aug. 20, up nearly 12 million fish in seven days, while the overall salmon harvest for the Sound rose from 30.5 million to nearly 42 million for the same period. Still the pink salmon harvest remains late and compressed for wild stocks and the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp. run, said Charlie Russell, seine area management biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Cordova. “The most likely culprit is the record heat wave and drought conditions that have affected much of Alaska,” >click to read< 12:39

Erin set to track into the Maritimes on Thursday, bringing risk of flash flooding

Erin, our incoming tropical system, temporarily strengthened into a tropical storm overnight but has been downgraded to a tropical depression strength today due to a strong wind shear. No matter whether it’s a tropical storm or depression, Erin will track into the Maritimes on Thursday with heavy rain and gusty winds as a post-tropical storm. >click to read<  11:43

Hurricane Dorian Moving Northwest Across the Atlantic; Major Hurricane Possible Over Florida or Georgia This Weekend

Hurricane Dorian is forecast to strengthen to a major hurricane while shifting north of the Bahamas through Saturday. The risk of dangerous storm surge and hurricane-force winds later this week and this weekend continues to increase in the central and northwestern Bahamas and along the Florida east coast. Heavy rain from Dorian may cause life-threatening flash floods, NWS, >click to read<  10:06

Scott Kenneally, the halibut man of Harbourville, reflects on his seafaring life in the waters of Nova Scotia

Scott Kenneally is a hit among the seniors living in Harbourville who want reasonably priced halibut, and want it from the waters they can see from their front steps. Kenneally is happy to help, since fishing for halibut close to home is one of his favourite ways to make a living.  He lives Harbourville, the community he loves to serve, with his wife Ashley, son Connor and daughters, Bella and Lariyah. >click to read<  09:02

A Fisherman is dead and 2 Fishermen were rescued after fall overboard from a menhaden fishing vessel

The Coast Guard is leading an investigation after a fisherman died after tumbling overboard while performing maintenance operations. The unidentified victim reportedly fell overboard Wednesday morning.  Ocean Harvesters, the contracted company for Omega Protein, says the victim was aboard a menhaden fishing vessel when the incident occurred. A total of three fishermen reportedly went overboard while conducting fishing operations, with two of the men being rescued. >click to read< 20:10

Bluefin tuna shoals off Jersey ignite fishing quota debate

Jersey’s commercial fishing fleet wants their share of an emerging bluefin tuna market which is currently being exploited by French crews. For the second consecutive year bluefin tuna have been seen in huge numbers in Jersey waters.,,,Don Thompson, chairman of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, said he was drafting a proposition to present to the Fisheries and Marine Resources Panel calling for laws to be relaxed. Commercial fishermen in Jersey and the UK currently have no allocated quota to land bluefin tuna. France does have a bluefin quota, with Gallic fishermen able to land and sell the fish,,, >click to read< 19:31

How sustainability efforts are helping the state’s fishing industry

Pete Dolan is the captain of the Ms. Manya, a commercial scallop boat. He’s ready to set sail on a week-long trip — and ideally, when he and his crew return, they will have caught a hefty 18,000 pounds of scallops. Business is booming in the state’s fishing industry, and Dolan claims federal regulations are to thank. Before those regulations were put in place in the mid-1990s, Dolan and his crew would have to spend more time on trips because anyone could go out and catch scallops, which meant supplies were low. But, sustainability efforts from NOAA, Video, >click to read<  18:01

The superstitious secrets of Aussie Lobster Men

Luck be a lobster tonight. Sailors and fishermen are famously superstitious and Brendan ‘Squizzy’ Taylor, one of the stars of reality series Aussie Lobster Men, is no exception. “I won’t leave on a Friday, definitely no bananas, even banana lollies. I won’t even allow them on the boat, or banana milkshakes, anything to do with bananas, I won’t allow that on the boat.” Video, >click to read<  16:40