Atlantic Enterprise: Large Shrimp and Halibut Factory Trawler for Ocean Prawns Canada Operations

Clearwater Ocean Prawns Venture (COPV), a joint venture formed by Danish fishing company Ocean Prawns and Canada’s Clearwater Seafoods, has expanded its fleet with the recent acquisition of a new deep-sea-capable factory trawler designed by Norwegian naval architecture firm Skipsteknisk. The DNV-classed, Polar Coded trawler Atlantic Enterprise measures 83.2 by 18 metres and is equipped primarily for catching and processing shrimp and Greenland halibut in Arctic waters. The freezer hold has a total capacity of 3,000 cubic metres across two decks and includes space for pallets. Ocean Prawns said the vessel will be capable of landing around 1,200 tonnes of pre-packaged, sea-frozen coldwater prawns each trip and around 2,500 tonnes of halibut per year. Photos, >>click to read<< o7:06

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