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About Stephen Taufen A public watchdog and advocate for fishermen and their coastal communities. Taufen is an “insider” who blew the whistle on the international profit laundering between global affiliates of North Pacific seafood companies, who use illicit accounting to deny the USA the proper taxes on seafood trade. The same practices are used to lower ex-vessel prices to the fleets, and to bleed monies from our regional economy. Worked 20 years in the Alaska seafood industry for processors in cost accounting, fleet management, operations.

FISHERIES RANT FOR SUMMER READING: Volksverdummung’s Alive and Well in Fisheries: The Germans call the stupefaction, misleading or brainwashing of the people ‘Volksverdummung’— which seems to be well-established in the seafood industry these days. It’s been largely ushered down the regulation-making aisles by a few greedy corporations and fishermen who feel entitled, and financially assisted by major conservation (allegedly) NGOs.

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North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC)

April Plenary Session — For the Record by Fax to 907-271-2817

April 7-14, 2014         Hilton Hotel; Anchorage, Alaska

Public Comment by Stephen Taufen, Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Groundswell is an advocate for public rights and accountability and transparency in USA fisheries.

Re BYCATCH 14-004 — C-2: GOA Trawl Bycatch Discussion Paper, EDRs

Thurs. April 10 thru Friday April 11, 2014 from 8:00 to 5:00 pm (8 hours+)

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To: Kodiak City/Borough Joint Fishery Working Group

GOA Trawl Presentations

Groundswell Fisheries Movement

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Central Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Catch Share Schemes Continue at Kodiak Fisheries Work Group and Fisheries Advisory Committee:

Kodiak, Alaska – July 2013 by Stephen Taufen, Groundswell Fisheries Movement

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———————————————————————————————————– Privatized fisheries are poor public policy




Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Ratz: Kodiak assemblies’ letter misses the protective mark