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  1. Ron Keffer says:

    It is sad when the fishermen have the boats, the equipment and the EXPENSES and you have a neighbor who doesn’t even know how to swim making decisions. Most people have no idea that the fisherman has to pay lots of money for their commercial licenses by January 1st and the fishing laws for the year are not made until March or April. And the laws can change. Ex this year the Commercial crab season opened November 14th…closed a week later and reopened just before Christmas. The consumer loves crab from early November thru New Years then it drops off. The consumer buys little or none after the new year.. do the math.. not to mention Oregon closed their crab season and those crabbers come to CA to cover their expenses.. so go out and purchase a boat with a commercial crab license then file Bankruptcy 2 years later…c’mon. Do it

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