Casting for an answer: Can you make a living on the Cape as a commercial rod and reel fisher?

Ken Baughman is two years into his attempt to make a living as a commercial rod and reel fisherman. It started, he said, after he got into an argument with another commercial fisherman who said it couldn’t be done. Baughman thought there was a way, one that would require him to take unusual steps and supplement his income with other work. Fishing has always been a passion for the 44-year-old, who said it would be the thing he’d do if he had a million bucks. Baughman doesn’t have $1 million, and his rod and reel efforts haven’t provided him with sufficient finances yet — but he believes that if he can figure out a way to make commercial rod and reel work, others will follow. But the real cost is getting permits for closed fisheries such as black sea bass. Those permits can only be bought from commercial fishermen selling theirs. more. >>click to read<< 18:24

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