Fisheries New Zealand Seeks Feedback on Proposed Catch Limits for 2024

Fisheries New Zealand is asking for feedback on proposed changeson proposed changes to catch limits and other settings across a range of Aotearoa New Zealand’s fisheries as part of its twice-yearly sustainability review. Every six months, Fisheries New Zealand reviews a range of fish stocks and develops proposals focused on their long-term sustainability. “When the information suggests more fish can be harvested sustainably, we look to increase catch limits,” said Marianne Lukkien, acting director of fisheries management. “On the other hand, if the information suggests a stock isn’t as healthy, we propose reducing the catch limits or other changes to help the fishery recover.” In this review, options include increases to catch allowances for six fish stocks where information suggests more fish can be sustainably harvested. more, >>click to read<< 18:36

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