StripedBassHole: The old GDT Blog, and Opening our Eyes to Global Issues

It’s interesting how blind we can become to the World around us. News in general be it written, Radio, Television, Internet, you name it. Has a great influence on us and the information is funneled by the direction of the owner of whichever form of Media you are drawn too. Now we can either be Sheep and absorb it and say well that’s the way it is or keep an open mind and seek out other sources. The truth being you’ll never know for sure unless you witness it and have a good understanding of other factors relevant to the event, even that’ll leave gray areas. So it all comes down to TRUST. Read the rest here 16:09

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Striped Bass Hole….a real touching piece you wrote there. Its been some run from back in the old GDT days….a time where one man pounded the payment, worked the phones day in and day out and did real investigative reporting and ended up breaking the first of the all too many scandals coming out of the cesspool of Husseins rogue administration. A number of familiar names would chime in about how the head of NOAA would wreck the fishing industry in New England, and it turned out she did more than that with agreeing to dumping COREXIT into the Gulf of Mexico.
    Elections have serious consequences and two terms of Americas most famous golfer will result in more fishermen being put out of work than in the over two hundred years since our nations founding.
    Nonetheless, Bore Head has not only been a leader on the worldwide web in bringing everyone the latest fishing news, but an inspiration for his untiring and unselfish work.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    What do you say we talk about a DEADLIEST CATCH, “CATCH 22”, BLOOD MONEY. Since the GREENIES have accepted an influx of CASH from I don’t know, GUILT RIDDEN WEALTH. Those that have taken advantage of the Laws enabling OUTSOURCING to CHEAP LABOR, LACKS POLLUTION LAW LANDS. Well these Organizations and Special Interest Laws under the GUISE of CONSERVATION have proven DEADLY to TRADITIONAL FAMILY FARMS and TRADITIONAL FISHERIES, to WHOMS BENEFIT? I’ll give you a HINT how about “1”. Still need more? How about “%”. Throw “THE” in front and it should be self-explanatory. With Millions of People out of work because the CAPTAINS of INDUSTRY are shipping the DIRTY WORK over-seas and they’re being CHEAP about it..
    if you want to clean up the WORLD why don’t we figure it out here in AMERICA. After All we shipped away most of OUR POLLUTION CONCERNS. It’s still out there just not on OUR CONTINENT. With a SIGNIFICANT FRACTION of the BRIGHTEST and the SMARTEST. Let’s start a new “AGE” , the WORLD has seen “THE BRONZE AGE” and “THE IRON AGE”. We’ve put Men on the MOON, vanquished many DISEASES, developed COMPUTERS, IT, and AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS, VEHICLES, ETC… Now lets start the “NEW ECONOMY” let’s call it “CLEAN MANUFACTURING”. Organic SUBSTANCES can be used to replace SYNTHETICS and the byproducts just may be used as CLEAN FUELS, FERILIZERS, anything but something to throw in a LANDFILL or DUMP IN THE OCEAN, all past PRACTICES.
    YOU may be asking yourself has he gone mad? No quite simply I’m trying to stimulate your CELEBRAL CORTEX, open your MINDS, you know make you THINK… We’ll visit this again till then open your MIND.
    Oh, I have a WISH. I’d like to find a volunteer to help create a “PETITION” to have CONGRESS MANDATE OCEAN SURVEYING to be LEAD by TRUE FISHERMEN. Scientists will be involved to help establish Guide Lines and Record Data. Fishermen will show them where the FISH are and how to CATCH’EM. DISCARDS and WASTE will be eliminated because we have MOUTHS to FEED. Yes AMERICA not a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY still has people going HUNGRY. By no means do I think we’ll solve all the WORLD’S ILLS’ but we can START. Not to mention we’ll share the WEALTH.
    So Pro, Con, or Indifferent let’s hear from you… Don’t be shy step into the Light we don’t Bite unless you like that kind of thing or you just plain deserve it.

  3. StripedBassHole says:

    I’m completely serious here. Let’s not just slow down and peer over here and checkout the CRASH. People have already gone down HARD as result of this POLITICALLY MOTIVATED MANUEVERING. Join in, let’s fight back. We can use the RULES and Protocols just as they have done. Maybe the GAO is a good place to start. They sent UNCLE OLLY underground only to resurface and FAWN wasn’t so FOND when she was put on the Stand. Dale Jones Shredder never made it anywhere near their DATA and if he was running under the RADAR we’re talking RICO. What else is in the ZINSER REPORT? None of this CRAP had a thing to do regarding Magnuson-STEVENS. H.R. 3534 “THE CLEAR ACT” died in CONGRESS. What motivated the BIG “O” to pull an E.D. w/ T.O.O.P. did Ted Danson need a new Hair piece? Was Theresa embarrassed because even the Worm admitted “OCEAN of ABUNDANCE” was FICTION? I can pop QUESTION MARKS up here infinitely… Let’s get hop’n, hopping MAD!!!

  4. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Here in America the GOVERNMENT has basically dismantled us FISHERMEN.
    Well said SBH. You are right on so many accounts. BH has done an unbelievable job here. His tireless crusade is really unbelievable. It was around October of 2012 I believe when this thing called FISHERYNATION started. From that time forward, I do not believe there has been one single day where he has failed to post informative news for the GLOBAL FISHING COMMUNITY to absorb. Think about that for a minute. That’s over two solid years without taking a day off. Through all the seasons, through illness, health and every other thing that life throws at us. This guy deserves an award! Though like our departed truth seeker Richard Gaines, I’m sure he would be uncomfortable accepting one.
    So I ask those of you that read this, please give him the accolades he so richly deserves. Let him know that his efforts have not been in vain and we are here continuing the fight against these tyrants who would want people to believe that they are trying to save us from ourselves BECAUSE OF THE INSPIRATION HE PROVIDES.
    At the end of the day tyranny comes in all shapes and sizes. Be it government agencies headed by politically connected eco zealots, or those at the top who make the appointments to these agencies.
    Also spread the word about this site. Contact related business’s who may benefit from advertising to those who are using their products or any other business that would be helped by the exposure this site would provide, be it local or global. I have personally reached out to many local business’s to advertise with BH. Some have, others haven’t. I do believe that many want to but need to be reminded over and over. Rare is the case that you get a response after just one suggestion. So I make a pain in the ass out of myself and hound them until they respond. Because at the end of the day it takes money to provide the services that are provided by this site.
    Ask yourself this, how much would it take for you to work non stop for over two years? Read and learn from FN. And support this man for his relentless efforts to expose not only the bad and evil out there but also the good and those who seek to make things better for us all!
    Happy New Year to one and all!

    • borehead says:

      This was the third December Brother!
      We started here in September 2012 with 606 views. By December 2012, we had 4089 views.
      In December of 2013, we had 18,342! Man. We were steaming!
      Its 22:30, December 31, and this month we see 49,362, with an hour and a half to go. Not bad.
      November saw 90,640 views.
      Remember when we put the globe up? it was like five or six months in. We’d be on the phone, watching that foolish thing, saying look there’s another one!

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        Burnt out? I don’t know how you do it my friend. I’d be totally out of it. LOL. Again, thank you on behalf of the kindred spirits you represent!
        Happy New year to you and Carol

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        BTW, your right about the time frame. I just forgot how to count I guess. DUH


      Hello Joel, i hope lifes been giving you a fair shake…
      I came across this ARCHIVE AND THE Obinden Team came to mind and his proposed climate team EDF stamped of course…poised for replay… They have the old play book out with the usual suspects!?!

      What caught my attention was your praise for BORE HEAD and his relentless pursuit… And he hasn’t stopped…
      we can’t let them PHUCH up our pristine NATURES BOTTOM… SO SMOOTH,, SO SOFT, JUST PERFECT!!! -0VER- SBH

      • Joel says:

        Relentless is an understatement SBH! How he does it, l don’t have any idea. And even more to the point, these days why he does it is a bigger question.
        The disrespect he deals with from the very people he’s been working to save in this industry in our country is sickening. And why?

        Jealousy? That’s my guess. How anyone could say or do anything against him is beyond comprehension. This is the one place that the only agenda is and has been the preservation of our iconic industry. Compare that to what you read in some of these “National” publications that claim to be friends of fishermen, yet promote policies that are destroying their lives.

        They can’t compete with his work ethic and dedication so what do they do? They try to marginalize and ruin. So sad. It’s all politics and you’d think by now we’d understand that politics is what has been destroying this industry.
        As an old friend who has past once said….

        We have met the enemy and they are us.


      Hello Joel thanks for the reply… PATHETIC fake friends users, back stabbers!!! The true invasive FECES!!! I feel a grumbling here’s a BLOG “FeceBook” ssh it’s a secrete!!!
      STANDING BYE to stand bye

  5. Ec Newell Man says:

    Morning everyone….. Joel problem is that like most things posted on the internet, people will barely take a few moments to compose their thoughts and respond unless its on some social media schlock website. Posts that are incendiary or controversial will always draw the most attention, and start the give and take between people who we have never personally met.

    I just can’t give enough accolades to Bore Head and his determination in not only digging up breaking news fishing-news, but in consistently posting throughout all hours of the day and reporting relevant fishery stories from around the country. Geezus just the other day he posted something about a close buddies boat who lives around the block from me which I didn’t hear about until I saw it on FISHERY NATION.

    Many of us now realize that for the most part, the American fishing industry is far from a growth industry, constantly under attack by the progressive enviro’s and their regulatory undermining of the industry itself. Most of the people in this country rarely give much thought to where the fish they eat come from, and here in NYC which has an ever-growing 3rd world demographic, even the high end fish markets and semi-big box retailers set aside a good portion of their display for colorful looking fish from all around the world.

    The fighting as you have stated here Striped Bass Hole has to be done at the grass roots level in our local elections within our communities. Keep the pressure on putting people inside state government who don’t support leftist indoctrination programs like Common Core which is screwing up a generation of kids going to school at this time. It literally undermines what our forefathers fought for in creating our great nation and makes it seem that the worlds ills in the 20th century were created by the greatest generation who pulled together as one to fight the most onerous threat which ultimately culminated with the atomic age to end a world war.

    Stop supporting progressive media outlets…that’s right…don’t buy their schlock since is has created this chaotic atmosphere in our country and as much, communities where you encourage knuckleheads to take to the streets to disrupt, and worse, destroy businesses all because the socialist operators in the White House or here in NY City Hall give the green light to take to the streets.

    As for big business, it is what it is…beholden to the bottom line especially if it is a publicly held company. Cheap labor, and worse, the under the table and back door support for illegals gaining amnesty in this country, as well as the support of cheap foreign goods coming into this country, is to be expected. Becoming a more discerning consumer and not buying products made and then sold by retailers who have progressive agendas, is something we can personally do when we shop, even if it costs us a few more dollars.

    As a nation facing great threats from around the world, each individual has to make sure that they get out and support candidates who believe not only in getting government off our backs, but as much, stop the organized left-wing disorder that has come to our communities.

    For 2015, encourage and support politicians who can change the environment around us that is experiencing a growing deep divide among the people and which is already casting the shadow of a pretty dismal outlook for our nation in the year to come. A New Year should mean getting off to a good start…and hopefully with a positive and productive outlook for the near future.

    All the best and I do hope others post their thoughts here….to show your support for what Bore Head has done here in providing us this forum.

    God Bless America…… and Happy New Year 2015.

  6. StripedBassHole says:

    Here’s a New Years resolution for all Americans and the Global Community. Our Countries are not “FORE SALE” especially here in AMERICA “LAND OF THE FREE???” and we want “OUR COMMON PROPERTY BACK”. No more Executive Decisions undermining “OUR FREEDOMS” no more “GIVE AWAYS” charity starts at “HOME”. We have VETETRANS, THE ELDERLY, DISABLED, ETC… that require attention “FOOD”, “MEDICAL”, a “ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS”. It’s no time for POLITICS AS USUAL!!! Let’s get “OUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER”. It’s time to “ROCK THE BOAT”. Let’s get’er DONE. We’re AMERICANS not Democrats and Republicans. It’s time for AMERICANS to take charge of their own “DESTINIES”. CONGRESS start working for your PEOPLE…

  7. borehead says:

    I guess you guys all know each other!
    Kinda like ole times, ain’t it? Fact is, I speak on the phone to all of you from time to time, and I enjoy every time.
    The striper says to me, you know, the commenting sucks!
    Wadda ya mean says I?
    He says its not busy enough, and he’s right.
    It’s certainly not like the GDT day’s but we’ll all agree, these are different times. Losing Gaines meant, we lost our motivation. Our beacon was extinguished. We were rebels without a cause!

    I was left to my own devices
    Many days fell away with nothing to show
    And the walls kept tumbling down
    In the city that we love
    Great clouds roll over the hills
    Bringing darkness from above
    But if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    Nothing changed at all?
    And if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    You’ve been here before?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
    He said, there has to be a way to ignite a fire here, like we once had, and what fires we created when Richard gave us that fuel. We burned the vermin regularly. There were many that felt the flames licking their asses.
    So, with StipedBassHoles post, we light the kindling, we fan the flames, and we start a new fire, never to be left to die.
    Happy New Year Honorable members of members of Fisherynation.

    • StripedBassHole says:

      We’ve all been here, disenchanted at times but always on OUR MINDS.
      B,H, you’ve provided us with a fine STAGE with a vast amount of SEEKERS. We’ve all got up an done OUR SOLOS and Today the final Day of 2014 we are finally here together to HARMONIZE OUR DISCONTENT. Quite the Audience of SEEKERS I hope they’re passing on the word. We’ll build it BRICK by BRICK if we have to. LET’S make it HUGE and STRONG. AMERICA and it’s Friends have a chance to show that we in fact still have a VOICE and it’s time that CONGRESS drops the THREE MONKEY ACT. If they can’t SEE and HEAR US ALL we’ll know when they fail to SPEAK and they will be SPEAKING IN VOLUME that they support the EVILS of “T.O.O.P.” and it’s UNAMERICAN GRAB OF ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY. IT’s time to LEAD by EXAMPLE and awaken those GOVERNMENTS of those outside the U.S.A. that are supporting us here. The NUMBERS SPEAK LOUDLY considering our tiny STAGE. Let’s make 2015 a REAL YEAR OF CHANGE for all the LITTLE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN MUTED and SWEPT aside. REMEMBER there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. I.E. NUMBERS THAT WILL BE FOR or AGAINST THOSE next ELECTION TIME.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, and I appreciate the support from the BOARD especially OUR DISTINGUISHED CHAIRMAN B.H. no B.S. from this STAND UP GUY!!!

  8. borehead says:

    Sorry about the delay in posting responses to you guys, but I’ve been slammed with the flu.

    If you see a small child, and can’t resist picking them up because they are so damned cute, you are now old, sensitive, and susceptible to contracting the germs they ultimately pass along! It was worth it, and My little buddy Big Nate is quite a guy.

    I can’t thank you guy’s enough for your contributions both here, and in your activism in other places on the net.

    Ec has made some of the best political contributions in many of his comments that inspired me to share them in posts, and turning them into the The Guest Commentary of Ec Newellman (sic).
    Watching this political tactician dismantle political opponents is also like watching poetry in motion.
    Also, not to be overlooked are Dick Graychek with his excellent contributions, and John Johnson for his creative engineering articles, art work, and his activism out there, making some excellent comments while taking no prisoners.
    The menu is screwed up, and there are some things missing. I’m trying to fix it, but, wordpress can be difficult at times.
    This place is all yours.

    • StripedBassHole says:

      Boy B.H., what am I chopped LIVER? I’ve been the LITTLE BOY having a TANTRUM all over the PAGES HERE… Just bust’em I know you still LOVE ME… You must have some Nurse in CAROL if you’ve shaken the CRUD this QUICK…

      • borehead says:

        I haven’t forgotten you, Striper. You’re in the crosshairs! I’ll be back!

      • - Moderator says:

        You know I love you, and she does too. She’s the best partner in life I’ve ever had, next to Cousin Patty, who ponied up some dough to start up with. Always loyal in other ventures, like the QVC run with the headphones we invented, patented, and manufactured, and was chosen as one of N.H.’s ten out of 150 competitors, and other schemes!. When this started, Carol asked if it was important, and she made it possible to be that. Everyday, I got to be what I wanted to be. Borehead-007. A nobody that only wanted to help the friends we made and met along the way. We’ve made friends from here, to New South Wales, and accommodated anyone that asked. Proudly.

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