I sold out because, I was sold out.

Came across this today and couldn’t help but think how little has changed. Mr. Trump should see what pain and hardship these tyrants have caused. BH maybe you can get this to Scott Brown and perhaps he will get it to the Trump campaign.

To all, excalibur
I just wanted to let you all know that as of last Thursday I am no longer a fishing vessel owner. I wasn’t sure what to put into the subject line but after I wrote “sold out”, the irony hit me. I sold out because, I was sold out. I was sold out by all the false promises that our collective sacrifices would one day be rewarded. Sold out by a system of rampant corruption to which  the depths it may reach are unimaginable.
I became an owner/operator in 1985, the same year I married my wife Susan and had our first child Katie. It was a dream come true. And for many years after the dream continued. Two more baby girls a new home and the rewards that hard work should afford any person willing to make the commitment. But slowly the dream turned into a nightmare. I don’t need to tell you all about it as we have been living it collectively now for far to long.
I just wanted to drop you all a note telling you how much your friendship and trust over the years has meant to me. I am truly grateful. In a sense I feel I have let you all down by caving into the pressure. And I freely admit this was the driving force behind my decision. The stress of fighting for what is right and just, getting nowhere for so long finally took it’s toll. I also don’t need to tell  you about how much stress this puts on people. Stress in the end was what drove me to this decision. I felt beaten and betrayed by this corrupt system to the point where it was affecting my health and my families well being. Sad but true. I knew I would one day come to this point and take a step back but I felt it would be many years from now. However I know I have done the right thing for my family and my self.
My cousin Joan, who has witnessed all of the mayhem over the years has been a calming influence during these troubling times. Her words to me were simple yet so true. She said Joel, when one book closes another will open. How right she is!
So the book that has been ongoing for the past twenty six years and taken me to where I am is now closed. The new book is in its infancy and where it leads remains to be seen. It has been an honor standing by the people in this industry who continue to do the right thing and fight the good fight. This, I will continue to do. I will still be fishing, only now I will be on the dumb square end of the boat, not the smart pointy end! I have already begun and let me tell you, I now truly know it was the right move. No paperwork, no worries, just a step back to the days when we all started this journey and going to work was all you had to think about. Talk about a cleansing of the soul!
So again, thanks to each and every one of you. I will still be active fighting these bastards till we get what’s right for future generations of fishermen. You will all be in my heart. God bless you all.
Joel Hovanesian
Former Owner/Operator
F/V Excalibur
Current deckhand and loving it!