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Fisherman remembers lives lost at sea with new day

A fisherman and RNLI crewman will be among those marking a new day of remembrance for workers killed at sea. Peter Clark, from Cullercoats RNLI in North Tyneside, is taking part in the first National Fishing Remembrance Day on Sunday to honour his missing colleagues. He said he has searched for and lost friends in the water and witnessed people’s anguish when family members do not return home from work. “A National Day of Remembrance can highlight the sacrifice these families ultimately made,” Mr Clark said. The fisherman joined the RNLI almost 30 years ago and is helm on Cullercoats lifeboat. As part of the Remembrance Day, a gathering will take place at the fisherman statue at North Shields’ Fiddler’s Green on Sunday. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 15:12

SLO County fishing industry in peril, judge to consider injunction

Geographic survey work by Equinor’s Island Pride last seven days

Fishermen from Morro Bay and Port San Luis are seeking a preliminary injunction to stop wind energy companies from surveying the ocean floor. Local fishermen report catch numbers are down 67% to 70% since one company recently began using sonar off the coast. On Feb. 29, two groups of commercial fishermen filed a legal challenge against the state’s wind energy plans, arguing the process violates their constitutional right to fish. The lawsuit asks the court to revoke survey permits and not to allow any new permits until proper mitigation and protections are in place. Sam Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen found this is a proper case for a preliminary injunction, according to an order to show cause. Judge van Rooyen ordered Equinor to show cause why he should not order the injunction at a hearing scheduled for May 15.  more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 13:53

Deadliest Catch’ Season 20: Which Captains Will Return?

Deadliest Catch is back. In the landmark 20th season of the Discovery Channel reality series, the captains will encounter new opportunities and fresh challenges as they head out to sea for the first red king crab season in several years. Not only will crews be allowed to fish once more for the coveted red king crab, but this year, they’ll also participate in the first derby-style race in decades. That means even more intense competition than usual as both veteran and rookie captains fight to bring in the biggest hauls. At the same time, they’ll face unpredictable and dangerous weather patterns as a rare super El Niño weather pattern intensifies winter storms. Video, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 12:51

Fisherman catches rare ‘one in two million’ blue lobster and refuses to let it be eaten

A fisherman caught a rare ‘one in two million’ blue lobster – and rehomed it in a local aquarium. Blue lobsters are believed to be so rare that marine biologists estimate the chance of catching one is one in two million. Chris Puckey caught the lobster on his FY124 boat called Katytu at the weekend. It turned up in one of Chris’ pots and was caught off the coast close to Polperro, South Cornwall. Jacquie Spencer, the owner of Kitty’s Lobster, Crab and Seafood Shack, said: “Chris supplies me regularly with lobsters, and Chris and I are overwhelmed by the lobster being pulled up in his pot. It really is a real treat to see one such a vivid blue colour and reportedly only one in two million!” more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 09:32

What lurks beneath: Treasures, wrecks and curios

Britain’s coasts, once some of the most dangerous in the world to navigate for shipping, are littered with shipwrecks. This deadly legacy has left thousands of haunting artefacts and in some cases – lucrative treasure – resting on the sea floor. From time to time these relics re-emerge, found by divers on wrecks, walkers on beaches or they are mistakenly hauled up by fishermen or dredgers. A BBC Freedom of Information request has revealed the hundreds of fascinating items recovered in the last year alone. A 200-year-old elephant tusk, coins from the Spanish Armada, plane parts, iron swords and a jar of Marmite were among the items found and reported to the Receiver of Wreck last year. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 07:09