What lurks beneath: Treasures, wrecks and curios

Britain’s coasts, once some of the most dangerous in the world to navigate for shipping, are littered with shipwrecks. This deadly legacy has left thousands of haunting artefacts and in some cases – lucrative treasure – resting on the sea floor. From time to time these relics re-emerge, found by divers on wrecks, walkers on beaches or they are mistakenly hauled up by fishermen or dredgers. A BBC Freedom of Information request has revealed the hundreds of fascinating items recovered in the last year alone. A 200-year-old elephant tusk, coins from the Spanish Armada, plane parts, iron swords and a jar of Marmite were among the items found and reported to the Receiver of Wreck last year. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 07:09

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  1. Brian Bisseker says:

    I was on a trawler dredging scallops out from Whitsand bay plymouth,we picked up a large bronze stern light from a Galleon,The skipper weigh it in for scrap.

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