Barbara Durkin – Offshore Wind Nothing But Hot Air

The fishing industry representatives with whom I collaborate with and hear at public hearings are outraged about the loss of fishing grounds and essential fish habitat to wind developers. Neither the feds nor state worked with fishing industry reps, they steamrolled them.* Politics drive the wind initiative. more@ocori 10:51

Big Projects, Money at Offshore Wind Conference – Plenty of wind shills, political puppet opportunists, bureaucrats, and self-described stake holders in the ocean zoning gold rush. link

Letter: Cape Wind not worth the price – The total capacity of land-based wind power coming under contract in 2013 is  nearly twice what was promised by Cape Wind. The price per kWh is less than half  the price from Cape Wind. If Cape Wind had built its offshore wind farm at the  cost projected in 2001, it too could sell renewable energy at a fair price. link 14:55

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