Louis Harlow Nielsen June 25, 1930 – June 14, 2021 Oceanside, Ca.

Louis Harlow Nielsen was born at home during a dust storm on June 25th, 1930 in Manson Ia. Louis Nielsen began his life during the Great Depression. When he was two years old, the family moved to New Hampshire They settled in Portsmouth where Lou spent his early boyhood in a tribe of rag-a-muffins now known as the “Puddledock Kids.” After Lou’s father left, it became necessary for the children to find work, so seven year-old Lou got a job delivering newspapers. Fortunately the young boy found a job working for the Marconi family. Babe Marconi hired the nine year-old Lou, as a lobster lad to help out on his boat, but it was Babe’s wife Rose, who made certain the boy received a good breakfast every morning before setting out to sea.  >click to read< 12:33

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