SMAST Yellowtail Flounder Survey, May 14, 2015 – And it begins!

The first day, May 14, 2015, getting settled and geared up to begin a nine day venture  to get some film, see some fish, lots of fish.

The owner of  the 82-foot F/V Justice is Danny Eilertsen.

The Captain is Ronnie Borgeson. Ronnie has the F/V Angenette, which is his own boat. Crew is Tim Barrett of the F/V Odessa, Al Gerry of the F/V Raptor, and Meghan Lapp of Seafreeze Ltd.

The SMAST team is Dr. Kevin Stokesbury, Erin Adams, Travis Lowery, and Eli Powell. Also on board is Don Cuddy of the Center for Sustainable Fisheries.

This article from Posted Nov. 8, 2013 at 12:01 AM at Southcoasttoday   Another try at video-counting the fish, Testing is underway for a radically different method of counting fish, a notoriously difficult thing to do, but the thing that everybody says they want and need.

We will be receiving daily updates from the vessel, and here is todays:  received May 16,

13:22, 5/15/2015Yesterday was first day of fishing. Started just inside Closed Area 2 at 60 meter depth contour and followed it north towards Hague Line. Did three 1/2 hr closed tows, one 2 hr open tow, another 1/2 hr closed tow, then one 2 hr open tow. Today finishing 60 m contour, then will head east to 70 meter contour and follow south.

22:03, 5/16/2015Started off this am to finish 60 m contour. Did 3 30 minute closed tows, 1 two hr open tow, 3 more closed and then started an open. During that tow, crossed doors. Trying to get them uncrossed something happened to camera/wire/connection, not sure what prob is. Will try to fix. Not seeing as much fish as last time, but had 3 tows w lots of herring, never had that before.

21:08, 5/17/2015 –  No Luck with Cameras, Because we only got the cameras built just before the trip, we didn’t have the necessary equipment with us to troubleshoot the camera problem. So we are finishing the trip with sets of 3 closed tows in every location we had done a closed tow last spring. The sets of 3 closed tows are being used for testing spatial and technical accuracy of the technique we are using. One of the SMAST students on board will be doing his thesis on this. Great calm weather.

21:07, 5/18/2015 – We did 9 closed tows, 3 sets of 3, at closed tow locations from last spring. Went well, but not many fish, no volume. A month and a half later w survey his spring than last, probably season has lot to do with it. Lots of scallops though, one tow w 29.5 bushel of scallops.  Now in open area, will do more closed tows in open area tomorrow.

22:36, 5/19/2015 – Heading in – Today had successful day, 9 closed tows- 3 sets of 3- got a lot done. One tow pure dogs, had to let go. Lots of fluke, not too many yellowtails. Should be in tomorrow afternoon. Then you can get full scoop from Kevin.

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The Crew

smast crew















The third wire winch for the wire that goes to the cameras.

smast third wire winch for the wire that goes to the cameras




















Loading on everyone’s gear.

smast 3 loading on everyone's gear




















The net with the tube that mounts the cameras and keeps the coded open.

smast 4 hardware tube in the net





















This is one of the cameras.

smast 5 camera

These are the LED lights for the cameras
smast 6  the led lights for the cameras
This is the box that pigtails the wires to go to the cameras.
Camera and light setup
smast 8 camera setup





smast 10 mounting camera-light set up












smast 11 computer setup, wheelhouse












smast 12 crew shot, not everyone but a few












smast13 weighing fish














smast 14 measuring fish






















smast 15 various species