Bore Head – Banned by Face Book

world_war_ii_fish_poster_1943_thumbThe question of my name has been raised.

As my many face book friends know by now, I have been banished!

It appears that my many friends and acquaintances were perplexed, concerned, alarmed, and agitated, as was I!

There is speculation of how or why it happened. Some, unfounded, some, possibly more than likely.

One of my esteemed friends, raised the censorship issue, possibly by various oppositional entity’s and whether that has anything to do with this is speculative one way, but, very true in another. Many websites use the face book plugin for comments.  So yes. They have censored me outside of face book.

When we (Carol and I) put’s face book page up, I didn’t open a personal account. I wasn’t really interested being on the older side, and didn’t know a lot about it. I figured the page would do something for me. It was very limited. When I signed on, I used the name I’m recognized as, Bore Head. And there were no problems for a very long time.

I joined fishing groups from different parts of the country and the world, posted the freshest news, (sometimes an hour old or less), breaking news articles, Coast Guard rescues in a timely manner, possibly because someone needed to know!

We’ve had a lot of meaningful discussions, about everything industry related with fishermen from around the world and involved in every fishery. We’ve talked about uniting, and fighting the good fight for justice, something we must strive to achieve. Because, after all, all we have is each other! Even if it’s not on face book.

We’ve mourned our dead, sending our finest regards to widows, family, and friends. We have been caring and respectful because they are us, and that is who and what we are.

We’ve also had fun, and lots of it.

I’ve written many articles (tragic attempts) under my chosen name, and have even been in FOIA redacted ALJ emails as Bore Head, and I’d bet a thousand dollars, very few from this industry would know me by any other name. The late, great, Richard Gaines of Gloucester Daily Times wrote an article about Bore Head, respecting my wishes.

When face book locked me out, the pop up that explained the situation reads, “We want you to use your everyday name, so your friends know who to look for” Bore Head.

That’s why I used it.

I started reading about this issue of the face book user name policy.

There are a lot of red flags that pop up for face book.

Too many friends will alert them, and too many posts will also get their attention, from what I’ve read

It appears they blanket banned a bunch of transgender people for using stage names. Kinda tough on a gal named Rob Smith for example, with a profile photo of some decked out lady!

From this article:  Drag Queens Want Facebook Booted from S.F. Pride

At issue is the company’s policy of using legal names instead of stage names or other names on Facebook pages. Last fall, a group of drag and trans community members, along with gay San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, met with Facebook officials but a formal agreement was not reached. The social media company did restore some drag queens’ pages that it had removed.

Then, there is this article. How Facebook Exposes Domestic Violence Survivors

Many survivors of domestic violence note that, because of the cultural ubiquitousness of the service, Facebook is their primary mode of maintaining contact with friends and family. When 71 percent of online adults use Facebook, being suspended can be a form of social exile.

In a statement to The Daily Beast, a Facebook spokesperson said: “Over the last several months, we’ve made some significant improvements,,, But the name verification process is still in place and there is no indication that Facebook is rethinking the core of the policy.

Hmm. Social Exile!

Now, I’m not a transgender (that you know of) nor am I a domestic violence victim, but I am the moderator of

My choice to use Bore Head is for my security, and sanity. I don’t need to be harassed in real life by someone that does not like having a comment collapsed, and would choose to get ugly over it. Not mention, after all these years of using it, why would I change?

I can absolutely relate to these groups of people, and shame on face book for not excluding themselves from next month’s San Francisco Pride parade, as they have excluded members of that community from face book simply because they are non tolerant!

face book must be proving their point. They expect to do whatever they want, and justify it however they want!

I found this to be very interesting.

But even after you follow this or one of the many other detailed guides to “locking down” your account, some information that you share with Facebook will always be public, including your name and your profile picture. And some suspect that keeping certain user information public and accurate may be less about maintaining a safe community than it is about collecting valuable data.

As Reed Albergotti wrote in The Wall Street Journal last year, Facebook earns billions in annual advertising revenue based primarily on “its ability to gather detailed, accurate information about users.”

So. What’s this really all about?

Is it about the money? Censorship?

Is it about wielding the Club of Exclusion, because they can?

I’m leaning toward the money.

The fact is, face book was really good for me, for our website, and the traffic generated has been phenomenal.

I don’t know if I’ll get re instated at face book, but this is what is needed to be known. will continue to do what it has done for going on four years now, and Bore Head will continue to bring the days issues to the fore front.

We will continue to post fresh fish articles and link’s seven days per week, 365 day’s per year, as we get the news.

We have a great comment venue that is easy to use, and we can still have the great conversations we always had, whether we agree, or not.

What I need from my fishing industry friends from around the world to do is, remember we are here at and we want you to be here with us. Please. Don’t forget us.

Best regards, Bore Head,

and the always fabulous Carol


14 Responses to Bore Head – Banned by Face Book

  1. Aundrea O'Neal says:

    Thank you Bore Head for everything you have done and are doing for the Commercial Fishing Industry. You are very appreciated!!!!

  2. philips66 says:

    If you weren’t doing such a great job spreading the truth, they wouldn’t try to shut you down. Don’t let the fisherynation dot com domain name expire, or they will steal that from you! Keep up the great work.

  3. BoomerToo says:

    Why not add a forum to fisherynation, if you build it we will come!

    • borehead says:

      I’d say you’re already on it, Boomer!
      Every post has a comment section, and if you have a special issue, send it to me through the contact, we’ll post it, and raise holy hell!

  4. Mark Tolpin says:

    how about john q bore?

    • borehead says:

      H, Mark. I’m trying to play it straight, and keep my name.
      If this is about the money, face book billions, maybe they could sell me some space, and let me keep my 800 friends. How long would it take to get that many under a new name? My behavior won’t change. They’ll figure it out.

  5. Edward Everich says:

    Thanks Bore Head for all of your hard work and effort !! Not a day goes by that I don’t pay at least one visit, more times than not most days one in the AM and then again in the PM. Keep up the good work, for me it’s pretty much 4 sites, “fisherynation,Kodiak News , Alaska Daily News and Maine Harbors for the weather, you are #1 in my book.

  6. David Wick Condon says:

    So sorry to hear you were banned Bore Head. Hope it is a temporary measure and whatever asshole did it sees fit to leave you back in. I miss your very interesting articles and knowledge of our industry. In the meantime, I AM BORE HEAD

    • borehead says:

      Hi David! I missed the alert to know you commented. I’m glad you did!
      I’m trying to scratch my way back, and hope to get back there soon. I miss all my friends.
      I’m here every day, so come on back, and comment on the issues.
      Best regards!

  7. Tommy McArthur says:

    Kinda strange when they kept the Ron Alva page up and going with him causing all the hate and discontent he could, And even stooping to personal attaks on several of us. But they wanna ban somebody who has done nothing wrong. Maybe we need to sue them along with thier enviro wacko croonies

    • borehead says:

      Tommy, there is no plausible reason to ban people over the “real name” policy, when there are so many unreal names on face book. Recently, a user was attacked in her home by a drug addict that found her on face book.

      Was this an intended affect, or an indication the face book can be, and is used for nefarious activity from around the world?

      I found this on twitter the other day. This is what face book is about, as people like myself and others get banned?

      WARNING! It will shock you. It pissed me off.

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