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Torbay RNLI assists trawler with total loss of power in heavy seas at 04:00am

On Monday 15th April 2024 at 03:23am Solent Coastguard requested Torbay RNLI launch to assist a 100-ton beam trawler who had got into some difficulties 15 miles southeast of Berry Head. She had suffered a complete loss of power. Pagers went off and our volunteer crew duly assembled at the station, changed into wet-weather gear, made ready the All-weather Lifeboat (ALB) and launched at 03:45am. Weather and sea conditions early this morning, especially 15 miles into the Channel, were challenging. Force 7 gusting 8/9, north westerly winds, and choppy seas. Loss of both engine and generator power in these conditions meant the trawler and all her associated gear, would be unwieldly and vulnerable to the turbulent and freshening conditions. She was very much what is termed a ‘dark ship’. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 16:39

More things to worry about by Jerry Leeman

Wind energy in the Gulf of Maine is going to be a great challenge to all varieties of commercial and recreational fisheries. What disturbs me the most is, in all my travels along the coast in the four major fishing ports in New England, very few commercial fishing Captains were aware of the new talks on changing the management stock areas and the reallocation of codfish. This is a concern for many now that they are aware. This raises the question, if no Captain’s that fish inside the Wind Energy proposed areas were not aware of this future action, then how can the last comment periods on the proposed sights be accurately sighted? Charts graphs, more, >>click to read<< 13:16

Massachusetts Record for Largest Lobster Caught

The price for fresh New England lobster changes frequently depending on the time of year, market conditions and suppliers. The price fluctuates so often that many seafood dealers and restaurants don’t even include it on their menus or websites. On April 1, 2024, Boston’s James Hook & Co. was advertising fresh lobster claw and tail meat at $85 per pound, fresh knuckle lobster meat at $90 per pound, and fresh lobster salad at $85 per pound. The Massachusetts Lobsterman’s Association claims the record for a lobster caught off the Massachusetts coast was “Big George,” caught off Cape Cod in 1974. The Association says George weighed 37.4 pounds with a total length of 2.1 feet. more, >>click to read<< 10:06

Fishermen net benefits of being out of CFP as new figures show Scots vessels account for 96% of all landings

Fishermen are continuing to net the benefits of being out of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) after new figures show Scots vessels accounted for 96% of all landings into Scotland last year. The statistics for 2023, published by the Scottish Government for the first time, show vessels based in Scotland accounted for 43,717 landings across the year. The figures come after Peterhead Port set a new record for annual fish landings, with £226 million-worth of catches traded across the quaysides this year. more, >>click to read<< 08:52

22 fishermen rescued as vessel sinks in Tuvalu waters

The FV Marielle, a purse seine fishing vessel owned by the Caroline Fisheries Corporation in Micronesia, put out a distress signal on Saturday night after one of its engines caught fire and the boat began taking on water. Fisheries observer Tupa Taoa, who was on board the vessel, put out a distress signal Saturday late afternoon.  He reported a fire in one engine broke out and while the vessel had no engine power while the crew was working to put out the fire, the vessel took on water, causing the crew to put the vessel’s emergency skiff into the water and get in it, fearing the fishing boat would soon sink. The Marielle was in Tuvalu waters when it sent out the distress signal Saturday night. more, >>click to read<< 07:32

FFAW applauds new deal on crab pricing, but says system still needs fixing

Harvesters refused to fish for more than a week, until the FFAW and Association of Seafood Producers reached a deal on Sunday that included increases to minimum prices and a settlement at the end of the season. That deal will override the panel’s decision. The deal struck Sunday includes a floor price of $3 per pound for the entire 2024 season. Both sides will be able to file for a reconsideration if the market price goes above $6.50 US. Harvester Glen Winslow was getting ready to finally start his season Monday morning in St. John’s. He said it’ll likely be a few days before boats head for the crab grounds. “I’m quite satisfied with where we got, to be honest with you,” Winslow told Radio-Canada. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 06:11