Commission releases halibut quotas

The International Pacific Halibut Commission has released the quotas for the 2023 season, and they seem to be more aligned with reality than the increases the past two years, with the IPHC describing the overall biomass as being at “historic lows.”  Quotas are down across the board in Alaska and Canada, especially in Areas 3A and 4A. Area 2B, British Columbia, also took a hit, with a quota of 5.03 million pounds, down 11.75%. Fishermen are becoming distrustful in the IPHC process, according to fisherman and fisheries advocate Buck Laukitis. “The IPHC management process is more political than science-based,” he said via text. “Long-time fishermen and those interested in having something to catch a generation from now are losing confidence in an overly complicated and very political process.” >click to read< 18:11

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