The Point Judith Fishermen’s Co-op

In late 1973, I began working at the coop when I got out of college. Between caddying, pumping gas, singing in some local bars, and substitute teaching for 23 scoots a day, what I earned at the fish docks helped keep me on top of some very thin living expenses. At that time we were in a recession economy and money was tight. Jobs were also tight so a guy took whatever job was available. Around this dock one heard the names: Westcott, Champlin, Whaley, Reposa, Adams, Jones, and Sykes. These names and many others were of the guys working the draggers to earn their living. And, these guys worked very hard for that living. These names were the bedrock of the co-op. These men were pros and knew their business. >click to read< 08:52

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