Letter to Mads Nipper, CEO, Ørsted

Dear Mr. Nipper, We write as concerned citizens and residents of the State of New Jersey, U.S.A. Our groups total tens of thousands of volunteer citizen advocates including more than 500,000 signatories to various petitions supporting our efforts. The NJ Shore is a national treasure enjoyed by millions who live and work, visit and vacation here and have done so for generations. On behalf of all the good people who love and enjoy the NJ Shore and its communities, please treat this letter as public notice that: We oppose your company’s efforts to turn our ocean, coastal ecosystems, and shore communities into industrial electricity generation and transmission power plants; We will protect our shore communities, the environment and the lives and livelihoods of all species including the millions of us that reside, work, visit and vacation here against your thoughtless industrialization; We will not falter, and we will not stop opposing your developments. >click to read< 11:48

4 Responses to Letter to Mads Nipper, CEO, Ørsted

  1. We the people do not want to see our oceans industrialized with ugly wind turbines!!!! You are killing our marine life. And yes you are!!! Nothing like this has ever happened to our whales and dolphins before you started constructing these God awful monstrosities!!!! You are ruining the beautiful landscape of our oceans!!! They will do nothing to improve anything!!!

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    As I have said before, civil disobedience is the only thing that will stop this madness. The authorities who support this need to be investigated for their collusion and possible pay to play schemes.
    How much more damage has to happen under this current administration before people wake up. Get your heads out of the sand for Christ sakes.

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