PEI Fishermen’s Association seeks vendor proposals for pilot hybrid vessel propulsion program

“What we’re looking at is alternative propulsion sources for fishing boats, which will include electric or some component of electric,” says Ian MacPherson, senior adviser for the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA). As the representative organization for all core fishers in PEI, the PEIFA’s work includes advocating for members and exploring ways in which to improve operating efficiency. This project was hatched four years ago after discussions between MacPherson and PEIFA President Bobby Jenkins on modifications to increase onboard operating efficiency. To that end, the PEIFA is now requesting proposals from companies for marine propulsions systems that are suitable for 45-foot inshore fishing boats. The selected equipment will be tested in a pilot program. It will run in the spring and fall of 2024, with cost-shared funding provided by the Atlantic Fisheries Fund. >click to read< 14:45

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