Christopher Bell takes the checkered flag on rain tires in the NASCAR Cup race at New Hampshire

Christopher Bell raised a broom over his head and clutched a 24-pound lobster in victory lane all because he earned his third Cup win of the season in an outcome that would have been impossible before this NASCAR season. Heck, it still looked pretty grim for most of Sunday at a rainy track. Once the skies cleared, NASCAR busted out its latest creation it had saved for a rainy day — wet weather Goodyear tires that allowed the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway to continue all the way to a thrilling end. Bell mastered the Cup Series’ first race that ended with cars running on rain tires and pulled away after a 2-hour, 5-minute weather delay to beat darkness and the field and win Sunday at New Hampshire. Video, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 13:44

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