Three from Molly Dischner at Alaska Journal of Commerce – Magnuson-Stevens Act revisions – UFA scallops back on the menu – protections under Gulf rationalization

23523_354387901211_7651997_aMagnuson-Stevens Act revisions focus of fishers in 2014- Bycatch reporting, transparency and the role of the National Environmental Policy Act in fisheries management are among the proposed Magnuson-Stevens Act amendments the North Pacific Fishery Management Council scrutinized during its February meeting. Read here  UFA wants legislature to put scallops back on the menu – The United Fishermen of Alaska are trying to revive the legislative discussion in Juneau about the vessel-based scallop limited entry program as managers and participants prepare for the new open access state-waters fishery that will open July 1. Read here  Stakeholders ponder protections under Gulf rationalization -Fisheries stakeholders gathered Feb. 10 to talk about community protections in the pending Gulf of Alaska rationalization program. Read here 13:52

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