Icelandic Fishermen’s Association and Fisheries Iceland Sign Contract

on-strikeA deal was struck before midnight, last night, between the Icelandic Fishermen’s Association and Fisheries Iceland, V reports. The contract was signed at 1 am. The fishermen’s strike, which began Thursday night, has been postponed until 8 pm Tuesday. Two fishermen’s associations, with a total of 900 members did not sign the contract, one of them from Grindavík. Negotiations will continue this week with those two. The last dispute to be solved had to do with manning of pelagic fishing vessels and wet fish trawlers. It was agreed that a year-long study be done on the safety and work hours of fishermen on those vessels. The contract is for two years. It will be presented to fishermen today and tomorrow. After that, online voting will take place. Link 07:48

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