Shell report hints giant pipe on sea floor off Nova Scotia will be abandoned

shell-lower-marine-riser-packageA new report commissioned by Shell Canada shows it would be safer and easier for the company to abandon a multi-million-dollar two-kilometre pipe at the bottom of the ocean, instead of retrieving it. The huge pipe — called a “riser” — crumpled to the sea floor eight months ago off Nova Scotia’s coast. The riser had been used by the Stena IceMAX, a specialized ship hired by Shell Canada, to drill an exploratory well to search for oil. In bad weather and rough seas on March 5, the riser disconnected from the ship. Shell has been weighing its options for whether to retrieve its equipment ever since. Retrieving the riser would “present a considerable health and safety risk to offshore personnel related to the complexity and highly specialized nature of offshore recovery operations,” the report says. (these people cannot be trusted) Read the rest here 08:54

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