Groundfish quota changes up for debate

The proposed rule, called Framework 58, calls for increasing the commercial quota for Georges Bank cod by 15 percent, Georges Bank haddock by 19 percent and Georges Bank winter flounder by 6 percent for the new fishing season that is set to begin Wednesday. It also includes a 1 percent increase for witch flounder. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the proposed rule, published in the Federal Register, calls for a whopping 50 percent cut to the annual catch limit for Georges Bank yellowtail flounder, a 1 percent reduction in the quota Gulf of Maine winter flounder and a 3 percent cut to the catch limit for Atlantic halibut. >click to read<22:43

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  1. More out-dated Science used again N.E.F.M.C. for making their fish decisions ?? Warming ocean waters & pollution , ls pushing flounders into deeper & cooler waters to survive Also , most of Gulf of Maine fishermen have left fishing to survive because of 50 year old regulations & science being used today .
    Changing Oceans Should Bring Changing Fishing Regulations & New science !!!

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