A pilot program for Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary – Saving Small Boats Fishing into the Future

Back in 1972 when Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary was established, my mother, Lena Novello, who was president of Gloucester Fishermen’s Wife Association was on the committee with local fishermen & their communities that fought to stop oil & mining companies from opening the Stellwagen Bank. Back then I was the captain of F/V Vlncie N who fished Stellwagen Bank regularly with many other Gloucester fishermen & also Plymouth, Scituate & Provincetown fishermen and was told local fishermen will always be able to fish Stellwagen Bank into the future.,, Changing times, with changing oceans have changed the golden words of Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary, as now they want to ban all dragging for Commercial Fishing. Is our future going to be wondering if all fishing will be banned ln Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary? by Captain Sam Novello >click to read< 11:36

Status Check: Assessing Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary>click to read<

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