In Tribute – ‘Crabbing brings Florence’s Novelli family together’

Almost a year ago today I stepped onto The Aquarius for the first time. Amber and Kyle Novelli were taking me out on their crabbing boat so I could catch a glimpse into their everyday lives as commercial crabbers. Amber and I talked about the water and how dangerous getting out past the bar was; we talked about how unstable crabbing can be economically and how the weather really runs your whole life as a crabber. I asked her why she kept doing it with so much danger and uncertainty to face. She answered by telling me a story about a time they were out on the water fishing. It was early in the morning and, as she woke up, she wandered out to look at the ocean. That’s when she saw it,,, I listened to her and Kyle’s story of how they started fishing together,,, Victoria Sanchez, >click to read< 15:00

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