Believe it or not, now is your time

Greetings Shrimpers of the South, and commercial fishermen across the nation.
My name is Ed Blaine, and in light of the Coronavirus mayhem we’re all experiencing, believe it or not, now is your time.

I’ve been talking to Shrimpers, and the imports of shrimp from foreign sources have stopped. This is an opportunity to take advantage of, and not ignore the fact that 92% of the seafood consumed in this country is imported from overseas, and we have a chance to fix that. Prices are up for your domestic product, as the availability of that cheap, inferior, imported stuff has dried up.

Now is your time to speak with the people that you do business with that import, and pack out with while driving the price of our wild caught shrimp, landed by US fishermen, downward with negative financial consequences to the participants of the industry.

Now is your time to shine, speak with the owner of the company you pack out with to have a representative of the company that he is selling his product to, within a week to ten days, to talk to all the fishermen to try to keep your market from here on out they need you now they have no product hold their feet to the fire if you do not that will be on you I preach to people up here about buying seafood from overseas versus domestic and

I am a commercial fisherman. I support my brothers, and sisters in the industry.

Have a representative come down and speak with you soon.

Make them accountable for the future of your family and your business.

If you ignore your chance you will have nobody to blame but yourselves.
Stand strong!

Ed Blaine