Commercial fishermen being ignored on wind farm projects

For the past three decades, Town Dock fishermen and their counterparts across the Northeast have struggled to stay afloat in the face of strict regulations designed to rebuild depleted stocks of cod, flounder and other species. But now that many of the species have rebounded and government regulators are increasing the amounts of fish they can land, the fishermen face a new threat: offshore wind farms. Longtime Town Dock fisherman Bob Guzzo said the federal government is giving away land that fishermen have used to feed people for more than 300 years. “I’d like to pass this on to someone else who wants to go fishing,” he said. >click to read<  18:54

This comment is excellent-Seems like we can add to the list of lies from big wind, if anyone is keeping score. I would doubt it, their whole industry is based on lies!

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    Why is it that we the fisherman can get help from our Politian’s? And who will benefit from this wind farm of Martha ,s Vineyard ? How much will the homeowner save on their electric bill ? From what I have read These Wind Farms cost a lot of money ,cables rocks etc .The bottom line why do we need them? Thank You Sam


    When was the last time NMFS, NOAA, and the Commerce Dept, did a damn thing for the Harvesters… Back when the 200 mile limit came in effect what did these brain surgeons do??? They over capitalized the FLEET anyone who could back a Bank Note got a new Boat… Doctors, Lawyers, etc. started small corporations… People were still towing small mesh… The Foreign mega trawlers had already pounded the Sh*t out of the bottom… Commerce thought there was an inexhaustable bunch of FISH out there, fools!!! We hadn’t gotten to the moron state yet… Das, catch shares, joke meetings (appeasements)… Now the Clown cars sporting PINWHEELS and high voltage cables!!!

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