Fishing boat skipper has been hailed a hero after he died trying to save a young crew member

Lachlan Robertson, known as Lachie, did not think twice about leaping into the water when a member of his crew fell overboard in rough seas in the Sound of Rum last week. Another crewman managed to pull the younger man from the icy water, but by the time they reached 61-year-old Mr Robertson, he was in a critical condition. It is understood one man fell as he and Mr Robertson tried to pull the nets back aboard in rough seas. “Somehow the crewman fell overboard and Lachie immediately jumped into the water after him, fearing he would drown. “The remaining young crewman, from nearby Skye, managed to pull his crewmate out of the sea but it took much longer to retrieve Lachie, by which time he was showing little sign of life.” >click to read< 07:40

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