Rory Rodger Ahern, Jr., Greenfield, N.J. Scallop Fisherman has passed away

After years of struggling with mental health and substance use, Rory (Rodger) Ahern lost his battle at 29 years old. While his illness often took the forefront of conversations, we want to remember him as the dynamic and hysterical young man that he was while on this earth. His passion for fishing began at three years old and filled him with immense joy throughout his life. His last few months working as a commercial scallop fisherman on The Atlantic Warrior brought him the most happiness he’s experienced in years, thanks to a kind and supportive group of fishermen who encouraged him to set goals and envision a bright future. Rory had a beautiful heart and was always willing to help others without judgement, particularly because he understood how it felt to be judged and isolated. >click to read< 19:30

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