They’re not blown away by NJ’s offshore wind power plans!

Opposition is growing among citizens groups, and even some green energy-loving environmentalists are wary of the pace and scope of the plans. The most commonly voiced objections include the unknown effect hundreds or even thousands of wind turbines might have on the ocean, fears of higher electric bills as costs are passed on to consumers, and a sense that the entire undertaking is being rushed through with little understanding of what the consequences might be. Recreational and commercial fishermen have long felt left out of the planning for offshore wind, much of which will take place in prime fishing grounds. Similar concerns have been voiced by offshore wind opponents in Massachusetts, France and South Korea, among other places. >click to read< 09:50

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    There are far too many un-answered questions. Having worked a couple decades in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment EMF was a major concern . Our medium Current Ion Implanter put out around 200,000 Volts this required the High Voltage Enclosure to be lined with 5/8″ Lead Sheet to shield the EMF (Cancer causing levels)!!! The entire High Voltage Enclosure was lined (Shielded) with 5/8″ Lead Sheet and all people working on the Machine constantly wore Radiation Badges …. (continued)


    MICHEAL PIERDINOCK newly elected NMFS Council Member was part of the Block Island Wind-Farm review… He reviewed the High Voltage Power-Lines… Normally a highly productive fishing Area… The new 40,000 Volt Power-Lines one-tenth of a full size farm at 418,000 Volts… Had become a desert , no visible Fish!!! Regards –SBH–

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