Investigation continues into fishing boat struck by WWII explosives off Skegness coast

The boat, Galwad-Y-Mor, was damaged and abandoned when an explosion occurred just 37 miles off the coast of Skegness, on December 15 last year, according to a report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch. A crew of seven were operating in potting fishing grounds east of the Wash, off Lincolnshire’s coastline, after departing from Grimsby. At around 11:20am, some of the crew were hauling in a string of crab pots, whilst the skipper was in the wheelhouse with the rest of the crew members belowdecks working the pots. The vessel was thrown up from the sea surface and quickly landed back down. All electrical power was immediately lost. The crew members were all hurt. Some endured life-changing injuries. >click to read< 09:04

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