Maine Fishermen slow offshore wind farm development – Keep Fighting

Actions by Maine fishermen directly affected the process of offshore wind development in the Gulf of Maine with a bill signed into law on July 7 by Governor Janet Mills. The measure was a response to plans that surfaced last year for a 16-square-mile, 12-turbine wind farm, called a “research array,” off the southern coast of Maine. Proponents promised good jobs and cheap, green electricity. Fishermen weren’t so sure. They envisioned wind farms springing up throughout the Gulf of Maine, harming marine life and damaging coastal communities. “We as fishermen work and take care of the water,” said Virginia Olsen, a Maine Lobstering Union director who lives in Stonington. “We feel these things will get dumped on the water and then someone will say, ‘Just leave them there, it’ll be a coral reef.’ But it will just be trash left for us.” >click to read< 16:55

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    Not only should you look into EMF’s effect on Lobsters, but to determine the proper shielding and maximum voltages used… The higher the Voltage the thicker the shielding and materials used… Rubber or Plastic will shield water from getting in and causing corrosion or electrolysis… Dissimilar metals and dielectric solutions
    (salt water)… You all know the drill with Zincs on the Boats… High Voltage Generators Power-Lines with dissimilar metals pumping 500,000 volts is a whole different ball of wax… I know a 200,000 volt Ion Implanter required 5/8″ solid Lead plate to shield the H.V. Chamber All operators wore radiation Badges while in the Lab… —SBH–

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