Whales, Warming and Offshore Wind Farms – Lobstering is under attack

As Rep. Billy Bob  Faulkingham described it, three seemingly combined forces are aligned and have put the bull’s-eye on the men and women in Maine whose lives depend on lobstering, whales, warming and wind power. The right whale protection consortium has heightened its efforts to alter nearly every aspect of Maine’s primary fishing industry by pushing the federal fisheries agencies to limit, reduce and even eliminate the fishing methods currently employed in the local waters and the Gulf of Maine,,, At best, the supposed science is leaning toward saving whales, with little regard for the men and women who are active conservationists every day while doing their jobs. The warming water folks, often the same groups and agencies that are involved with the right whale restrictions, also want to promote bureaucratic rules that will severely impact all forms of fishing. >click to read< 11:06

2 Responses to Whales, Warming and Offshore Wind Farms – Lobstering is under attack

  1. muddog says:

    “Stalking Horses”. That is what these windmills are.

    Know your enemy. The politicians & environmentalists pretend to care about going green. The only green that matter to them is $$$.

    Sadly, there are few fisheries left. The 1% take out one fishery at a time. They push ownership of future fish. Creating winners & losers. Catch Shares are like diamonds & herpes. Both last forever.

    Been there done that. Don’t let them demolish lobstering.

    Never give up. United We Fish.


    When they finally get through there will be an extreme shortage of Proctologists… Lizzie Warren may even come up with a Scholar Ship Program… It’s Green and it’s done and it is all about $$$$$$$$$$$!!!

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