Bad Press for Block Island Wind Farm! The blades ain’t turning, questions of cables, and huge $$$ extra’s!

The Block Island wind farm has largely shut down – And so I can understand why no one wants to talk about how four of the farm’s five turbines have, without any public notice, stopped running this summer. I spent the better part of a week trying to learn why, It was an unsatisfying explanation. More troubling, the reburying of the cable, The last estimate to rebury the cable was $30 million, I can understand why Ørsted and the other wind company contenders jockeying for new development up and down the Eastern Seaboard might be worried about bad press for the Block Island system, given the growing opposition to wind farms from the fishing industry, consumer activists and coastal communities where cables are proposed to come ashore. Thank you for the exposure, David Collins! >click to read< 12:58

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    What an opportunity to checkout the exposed Power-Line with a Gauss Meter… I would think the Power Company would be able to give you an accurate Power reading… Lets see if the Line is emitting EMF and at 40,000 volts that’s one tenth of a full size W-Farm at least 418,000 Volts… “The Right to know Law” would require any EMF emitting device be inspected to be sure it was properly Shielded and remained that way…. Exposure of EMF at high levels causes cancer… High Tension Wires need to be at least a 1/ 4 mile from a home or business because of their EMF levels!!! How are the Green Crab populations on the man made Reefs??? One Crab 200,000 eggs!!!!


    I’m not talking about a quick little glimpse!!! The whole Power-Line should be checked… When things get twisted around, repeatedly beaten, flexed back and forth!!! The Rubber or Plastic gets ground down or cracked opening the inner workings of the P-Line… Different metals react differently to this abuse. Some work harden and become brittle and break… The seals have been broke so salt water leaks in… Saltwater is conductive so dissimilar metals causes Electrolysis… Which breaks down the metals depending on the more noble material… Gases are also created… Proper Lead shielding for EMF would more than likely be cost prohibitive if even manufacturable!!!


    I guess this springs Right Whale visit to Cape Cod Bay was stellar!!! How did the Right Whales react to the B.I. W.F. was there any interaction??? Were the Turbines even working??? The only info I heard was far south of Block Island a Mother Right Whale and a Calf were seen… I don’t know if they made it to the Bay Party… Was there a secret party near Block Island, did they wear Masks???

  4. Joel H says:

    This comment is from a friend who runs a charter business here in Point Judith.

    Four of the turbines haven’t turned since May
    If it were annual maintenance why not do one at a time and let the others produce electricity. The reason they aren’t turning is that they are broke, rumors of stress fractures and leaking oil bearings


    The newer Turbines supposedly carry 60 gallons!!! Are they required to have their no discharge of oil stickers like a commercial vessel???


    I’ve said this before but the three on Cape Ann more resemble Sculptures!!! The majority of the time they are “STATIC”!!! I bet their bearings will still be in decent shape after the Turbine sh*ts. the bed… Maybe you can get a rebate 20 years erect with 23% actual movement for lack of wind, out of commission, Storm shut down, reality!!! Whoever keeps track of the Turbines must just shake there head…Then they reinforcing their beliefs by reminding themselves there was no charge for the Wind just a lack of it!!! Or it was down but you were on the repairmens’ list or the parts are on back ordered!!! Performance Art, Power providers, or investment right offs???

    • - Moderator says:

      There is no justifying the hostile takeover, or give away. depending on what side of the fence you sit on. Just remind yourself of the politicians that must be purged. Its time to beat the press.

  7. Joel H says:

    There is NO responsible ocean development/industrialization of our ocean or inshore estuaries. The term responsible offshore development is an oxymoron. End of story!

    • - Moderator says:

      That responsible alliance thing didn’t mean stop anything, it means we will help you achieve your ocean industrialization goals, through,,, lol, “SCIENCE”. It tough watching some of my hero’s turn into disappointments for politics, and to stuff their noses up some asses after committing to keeping fishermen fishing.

  8. Joel H says:

    Working with the politicians and the companies that stand to profit from this shitshow/boondoggle is a fool’s errand. They must be resisted and stopped. By any means necessary. Working with them in a manner that would allow any of this to move forward raises serious questions. IMHO

    • - Moderator says:

      The politicians continue to display their shallow depth of knowledge, or ability to comprehend what exactly they are willing to do, for political power. Its back to Obamaville, and its already three steps back! I wasn’t concerned about the mean tweets of the past four years, as we prepare to watch Joe give back the Canyons and Seamounts.


    Remember Rod and Reelers Commercial and Recreational are banned from fishing these areas too!!! Industrializing our near shore prime fishing grounds and closing vast tracks of Pelagic migratory grounds doesn’t make much sense. Don’t forget during the Catch Share days even Boris Worm admitted to getting a little fictional in his writings!!! Calamity Jane was in charge back then… I’ll guarantee you will not forget what she did to the Gulf of Mexico with “COREXIT” for centuries to come!!!


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