In Memory of Norbert Stamps

The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation and fishing community grieve the passing of our beloved friend and board member, Norbert Stamps. Norbert had a love for the ocean, the environment, and the people who made their living from the sea.  Even in his final year of life, Norbert was able to see his ban of mass balloon release come to fruition. Fair winds and following seas captain! We will miss you! Please keep Norbert’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. >click to read< 11:17

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  1. Norbert was a stand up guy. A mans man, straight up. For those who don’t know, he spent over the past six months in intensive care in a hospital in Boston fighting to recover from a double lung transplant.
    It was an extremely tough battle. The old two steps forward and three steps back situation.
    He fought valiantly to win this fight, but after months and months of ups and downs and no end in sight to this battle it finally got the best of him and he lost his life. In the end he went out on his own terms and for this we should be grateful. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Stamps family in this trying time.

    • - Moderator says:

      We really appreciate your tribute to Norbert, whom we never got to meet. I recall the TV series Lobstermen, which included the both of you. To think of the pain this man had to endure, with the loneliness caused by the restrictions of the virus, is painful and was extremely cruel. Our hearts are with the Stamps family. Thank you, Joel.

  2. muddog says:

    Joel, Thanks for the info.

    We had the pleasure of working out of the same dock as Norbert for a few years. He was a “good guy”. We quickly learned the “rule” of Rhode Island folks. Either really nice or really not. Kinda like bipolar. Norbert definitely was really nice. Condolences to his family & friends.

    • - Moderator says:

      Hello Muddog, thank you for your reflection on Norbert. Before we started doing this, I’d see these guys on TV. Then to listen to some of these fishermen at GDT, you included say no one would listen. It was inspiring. I send you my finest regards.

  3. Muddog says:

    Back at you, BH. Fishermen and their families are forever grateful to you & your wife. You have given them a voice. Most importantly an uncensored one. Richard Gaines & you are true Patriots. It was a sad day when we lost Richard. Thank you for carrying the torch. Love & Prayers.

    • You are absolutely right MD. The support they have shown to fishermen all over the world and the ability of us all to know that we can go to one place to get our news, 365 days a year is something that I believe is taken for granted. When they’re gone folks will realize just how much. They outwork all other fishing news outlets, including ones who have been around for decades who claim to be working for fishermen. National publications who speak from both sides of their mouths who claim to be in the corner of the rank and file fishermen yet support industry killing regulations like offshore wind and turning the ocean into a National Park through protected area closures. They are despicable.
      These folks don’t get the respect and support that they truly deserve. Way to many two faced people.
      To quote that old O’Js song, They smile in your face all the time they want to take your place, the backstabbers. Way to much backstabbing going on these days!

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