Struggling fisherman’s staggering $1.7 million find

Narong Phetcharaj, who normally only earns a few hundred dollars a month, was returning to shore when he saw a strange object being pushed by currents in Surat Thani province’s Niyom beach on Monday. Curious, he went to the mysterious object and realized it could be valuable whale vomit he had seen on television before as it had the same waxy texture and appearance. The fisherman later took the 30-kilogram object to experts at the Prince of Songkla University to have it tested,,, It could now be worth as much as US$1.25 million,,, “I’m so excited I don’t know what to do. I plan to sell the ambergris as I’ve already received a certificate to prove that it’s real,” Narong said. “If I can get a good price, I’ll retire from working as a fisherman and throw a party for my friends.” >click to read< 08:03

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