UPDATED: Man shot, run over by boat in fishing dispute – Police statement describes chilling encounter on water with missing fisherman Phillip Boudreau

CBC_News_logo3 suspects in Cape Breton man’s slaying remain in custody – contined@cbcnews

One of the suspects in the murder of Phillip Boudreau told police the victim was shot and then run down as he sat helpless in a stalled motor boat, CBC News has learned. Boudreau’s overturned boat was found at the mouth of Petit-de-Grat harbour early on the morning of June 1. The 43-year-old’s body has not been recovered. Three crewmen from the lobster boat Twin Maggies face second-degree murder charges in the case. The investigator’s file said one of those crewmen, 65-year-old James Joseph Landry, gave statements to RCMP investigators shortly after his arrest on June 8. continued@cbcnews

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