Leadership – Famous fisherman reels in key leadership lessons

A man of the sea, Keith Colburn has a lot to offer landlocked leaders about staying calm as crises swirl.,,, His first gig? As a greenhorn on the F/V Alaska Trader, a 135-foot crabber/tender. “I went from the bilge to the bridge,” he says, referring to the bottom of a boat to the top. “I worked my way up from nothing. When I got to Alaska I didn’t have a thing.” In 1988 he became a full-share deckhand on the F/V Wizard. Two years later he moved from the deck to the pilot house. Two years after that he was named captain. Outside of performing well under pressure, Colburn refers frequently to the importance of communicating well as a leader. Colburn and I chatted a lot about leading under pressure, by Mark Gordon  >click to read< 17:01

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