Fishermen feel “railroaded” – Standoff at sea sours fishermen, US Wind relations

After an on the water standoff between commercial fisherman Jimmy Hahn and a US Wind survey boat, Rep. Andy Harris met with area fisherman to discuss encroachment into fishing areas. The closed meeting Wednesday, also attended by state Sen. Mary Beth Carozza, included more than 12 fishermen primarily from Ocean City,, “If these wind mills are allowed to be placed out here, we’re out of business. You’ll no longer see any fresh seafood coming into Ocean City,” Hahn said.,, “It means a great deal having Rep. Harris listen,” he said. “You have to have someone to speak up. We’re just getting railroaded and we don’t have any say at all.” >click to read< 14:50

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  1. Joel H says:

    You’re familiar with the term, collateral damage? That’s all these foreign invaders of our oceans and areas of food production see fisherman as.
    Thank the fool’s within the swamp, and more specifically, the Biden administration. Destroying the American way of life more and more every day. Hard to believe where our nation is heading.
    Brought to you by the New Democratic/Socialists party of America.
    Sad thing is, we were warned.


    The Sh*ts hitting the Fan and they’re not even installed YET!!!

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