Crab Fisherman Zip-Ties a GoPro Camera Inside a Crab Pot – a Feeding Frenzy Ensues

Have you ever wondered what happens inside crab pots when they’re underwater?  Fortuna resident Robert Wall decided to find out.  “My friend John said we should put a GoPro in one of the pots. Honestly, I was just curious and wanted to see what goes on down there.” So they zip-tied the little camera to the inside of the cage, loaded some herring and chicken in there for bait and pressed record. Before the silt has settled, the shadows of hungry Dungeness descend, their claws and legs clattering against the bars of the metal grate. “I didn’t expect the crab to be at the pot in under 30 seconds,” Wall said. “It gets pretty crazy down there.” Video, >click to watch< 07:54

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