The future of fishing is innovation.

Maine’s lobstermen begin 2022 with a unique opportunity to fundamentally solve the whale entanglement issue. Throughout history technology has been used to improve our lives and solve complex problems. Invention has brought us cell phones, computers, satellites, and soon, self-driving cars and a base on the moon. >click to read< By Zack Klyver 10:55

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    In the past few days, we have posted information about this subject, and we have shared it with fixed gear fishermen along both coasts and into Canada, and the reaction to this absurdity, and industry destruction they face with no basis. The overwhelming consensus is they are opposed, rightfully so. We post it in Canada because it has become a Canadian issue. It is also gaining momentum in Europe. On a personal note, as the citizens the writer cited as finding this acceptable, I do not find it acceptable.

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