How to Be a Paid Extra in New Bedford-Based Movie ‘Finestkind’

In between major stories about the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge getting a redesign and parking at the Noah’s Place Playground remaining free for another summer, the Paramount Pictures film Finestkind is quietly staying in the headlines here on the SouthCoast Finestkind is, in fact, looking for some local people to help fill in some busier scenes. The movie’s casting agency is accepting submissions. In part, Kendall Cooper Casting is looking for authentic New Bedford-area fishermen with real-life experience. The post asks for “experienced commercial fishermen and local New Bedford people of all ethnicities who are interested in working as extras on the film. >click to read< and access the “Extra” sign up page. Best of luck. Remember us when you hit it big! 13:04

2 Responses to How to Be a Paid Extra in New Bedford-Based Movie ‘Finestkind’

  1. Tim Eaton says:

    So, real life fishermen that lived on an island don’t count?

  2. James says:

    Hey my name is James Bohan I was just curious if you needed an extra. I work on the scallop boat F/V Diligence out of Fairhaven Mass. feel free to contact me any time. Thank you

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